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HUF Design Concepts

Who hasn't dreamed of their own home and imagined their individual HUF house? Perhaps on a hillside plot with a Beletage or on a large meadow with a view of the lake. There are endless possibilities to design your HUF house!

Experienced architects provide creative input during the project phase. In this phase, the floor plan is drawn and optimised until it is perfectly tailored to the wishes and needs of the client.

Comprehensive concepts and the creation of elaborate 3D models help to imagine the house on the property - at different times of the day and in different lighting moods.

The results are diverse and impressive. We would like to present some particularly creative designs for HUF customers in the brand new "Design Concept" section.

Project samples
Design Concepts

HUF design concepts show how versatile and flexible the classic timbered architecture of HUF HAUS can be interpreted. Let yourself be inspired by modern designs and creative design concepts.

Perhaps one or the other design will turn into the next dream house made of wood and glass?

What about a sophisticated Atrium house? Or maybe you want to extend your living space with the addition of an extra storey...?

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