Unique Contemporary House Designs

Urban villas and townhouses from HUF HAUS - freestanding or as terraced construction - stand for optimal use of space and exclusive furnishings, according to the wishes of the residents.

Did you know?

Building a modern villa - this was already possible for the ancient Romans, who impressed their guests with stately country houses and representative villas. Today, what used to be a detached country house has become a popular building concept for cities and urban areas. 

Urban villas and townhouses from HUF HAUS - freestanding or as terraced construction - stand for optimal use of space and exclusive furnishings, according to the wishes of the residents. The multi-storey construction results in a generous floor plan concept that is ideally suited for compact plots.

The best preparation for the construction of your own dream villa, be it a Tuscany villa or a project in country house style, is to visit a show house near you. Our experts will show you on the spot how true luxury becomes noticeable. High-quality materials, perfect workmanship and exclusive interior design make your villa a guest favourite. The experienced architects interpret the theme of city villas individually for you made of timber and glass.

City villa floor plans - multi-storey, terraced and extendable

HUF HAUS proves that even where land is very expensive, terraced townhouses can be easily realised. Whether as a multi-generation house with clear divisions or as a classic urban villa - HUF HAUS plans and implements real estate projects not only for private individuals, but also for investors who rely on long-term investments.

Due to its modular construction, HUF HAUS timber architecture is particularly predestined for the construction of terraced residential properties or multi-storey town villas. Timber construction is generally ideal for the construction of multi-storey houses and is superior to conventional construction in many respects. Due to the industrial prefabrication of the elements, the construction time is shorter than for houses made of brick and also largely independent of the weather.

Moreover, a city villa made of timber and glass is not only extremely energy-efficient, but also flexible when it comes to later extensions or roof top extensions. If life changes, the home can be extended without any problems - provided the size of the property permits this.

Your own luxury villa - fixed price guarantee

How much does a modern villa cost? The way to a detailed budget leads you to your local consultant. In order to be able to give you a serious price for your dream project, relevant information about the property is needed. Your wishes are always the focus of the house planning.

You will then receive your individual offer. The costs for a luxury villa depend on the desired house size as well as the desired dimensions of the house. HUF HAUS offers a wide selection of furnishing details even in the basic fit-out, which more than meet the expectations of an exclusive villa.

Thanks to the fixed price guarantee and a precisely calculated budget, you know right from the start what costs you will incur.

Flexible designs for your prefabricated Villa

Since every modern timber frame house at HUF HAUS is planned according to the wishes of the building owners, individual projects are created that bear the signature of their residents. A prefabricated villa can therefore have many faces: Whether simple, classic or cubic, there are no limits to creativity in the planning phase.

For the classic wooden skeleton, the Bauhaus style is particularly suitable: The result is modern city villas with a unique look made of timber and glass. If there is a gap site between buildings in the city, the planning of several storeys is a smart idea, as they convince through optimal use of the site.

Those who have a large plot of land at their disposal benefit from particularly generous floor plans for their modern luxury villa. Oriel windows, roof terraces, outdoor seating or loggias complete the picture of the light-flooded prefabricated villa.

Which garden suits my villa?

While you are planning your modern luxury villa, it is worth considering the garden design at an early stage. Because a prefabricated villa is even more effective with the right garden and landscape design. It doesn't have to be a park, even small or large gardens, terraces and outdoor seating reinforce the charming effect of the house.

Together with garden and landscape architect Sarah Huf from GartenART, a company of the HUF Group, your garden will become a green living room. The floor-to-ceiling glazing that is typical of every HUF house makes the outside space a natural extension of your living space. So those who not only want to relax in their city villa but also enjoy the hours outdoors will benefit from HUF HAUS' integrated garden planning, which is discussed parallel to the house design.

Let us build your modern villa together - with HUF HAUS your reliable partner!