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Accentuating with colour

The story behind the house

The entrance on the eaves side marks the centre of the house and welcomes guests with a glass entrance portal that delights with openness and transparency. Before you have even entered the house, you can therefore admire the view through the entrance area towards the staircase, whose sculpture-like form leads to the first floor.

The entrance portal leads to 185 m² of exceptional living space on two storeys, split across the central axis into two wings of equal size. An interior architecture unfolds that follows the aesthetic of the geometric lines. The symmetry of the layout and the geometry of the visible post-and-beam construction are transformed by the  constant interplay of daylight into a place where the rhythm of nature can be enjoyed anew every day.

White timber frame as a basis

The spacious foyer, which stretches over two stories at room height, leads to the centre of the house where the cooking, dining and living areas all merge seamlessly.  The dining area also borders on the extensive terrace that harmoniously connects house and garden.

With its purple glass fronts, the kitchen provides fine colour accents that are harmoniously reflected in the sideboard on the opposite wall. In the centre of the room there is a large cooking island, with a worktop covered with a special material. A concrete-coloured ceramic layer makes cooking easy, enhancing in combination with warm wood elements the understated simplicity and cleanness of the architecture that is so characteristic of this house.

More details about the house

House type


Gross internal area, ground floor

116.24 m²

Gross internal area, first floor

80.08 m²


133,60 m²


12.40 m x 10.00 m


Air-to-water heat pump




Roof towing

Harmonious design even outdoor

The gardens of the house enchant with their fine material coordination.
                        A terrace made up of natural slate slabs frames the house and provides a dramatic contrast to the white wooden beams. The wooden deck on the west side connects summer house and dining room to form a harmonious unit and references the warm tones of the parquet floor inside the house.
From here, the large Indian bean tree catches your eye, which is illuminated in the evening hours to form a visual highlight. 
Natural stone and hornbeam hedges also provide just the right amount of privacy and serenity in the garden.

Floor plans

Ground floor

First floor



HUF house ART 4