ART 4 sample 2

Nature and architecture
in unison

The story behind the house

A driveway lined with golden robinia leads visitors to the white timber-frame house, located deep in the heart of Saxony’s beautiful heathland. A park-like garden acts as a large frame around the site. One thing is clear – whoever lives here certainly loves nature.

The clients chose an architecture that blends harmoniously into the surrounding nature and involves it directly in the living experience. The clients found that the transparent architecture of the HUF house ART 4 embodied these attributes to perfection. 

Fusion of garden and living space

The intensive discussions led to a house blueprint that incorporated the owners’ personal room design requirements down to the finest detail. The result is an open living space with a total of 215 square metres, split across two storeys.

The ground floor welcomes residents and guests with a spacious setting. The exclusive living ambience is defined by openness, with rooms merging fluidly. The open, white kitchen with bar area transitions into the light-flooded dining area. At the long wooden table, which references the warm real-wood flooring, the family enjoy the view of the extraordinary garden and terrace area.

More details about the house

House type: ART 4
House Footprint: 160,36 m² / 1.726 sqft
Dimensions: alcove+ 10,00 x 13,60 + alcove
Roof pitch: 30°/ 22°
Features: Carport and garages
Features: Outdoor pool

The living space

Alongside dramatic views, the dining area has a refined architectural feature.
The room reaches upwards through two storeys and is framed by a gallery on the first floor.

The dining area is seamlessly joined on to the comfortable lounge, which opens up the south side of the house.
The floor-length windows provide an unobstructed view of the large outdoor pool at the back of the garden. The first floor contains rooms reserved for quiet relaxation.

Floor plans

Ground floor

First floor


HUF house ART 4