ART 4 Beispiel 4

Nature on your doorstep

The story behind the house

After years of living in an older house the owners were looking for something modern and efficient. The sophisticated style of the energy-efficient HUF house exceeded their expectations. When planning their dream home the couple placed great value on high ceilings and generously sized rooms with flowing transitions.

In a home with so many appealing spaces and features, the open-plan kitchen has become a favourite along with the adjacent dining area  with views into the garden. The garden can be enjoyed from an outdoor patio, perfect for relaxing on hot days before dipping into the pool. The same fundamental design principles characterise the external as well as internal spaces.

More details about the house

House: ART 4
House footprint: 158.40 m² / 1.705 sqft
Dimensions: 14.20 m x 10.40 m
Roof pitch: 33°
Total gross external area: 464.80 m² / 5.003 sqft
Features: Wellness-oasis

Play of light. Every day.

Land purchase through a stroke of luck

The owner family, who have a passion for cycling, previously lived in a house that was over 100 years old, with many storeys and a cellar.
This type of living situation was something they wanted to change radically.
Fortunately, they came across a wonderful plot of land while cycling and purchased it straight away.
The couple yearned for more modernity and style. They particularly wanted high ceilings and not too many rooms, preferring more openness and fluid transitions.


Ground floor

First floor



HUF house ART 4