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The transparent timber frame houses with their floor-to-ceiling glazing allow you to discover the surrounding nature in a completely new way. Life as if on holiday - that is the true luxury that a HUF HAUS timber frame house brings with it.


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What do you think of when you imagine luxury homes? Perhaps a well-deserved holiday in an exclusive villa in Mallorca? If you are one of those people who like to stay in beautiful and particularly comfortable places, then treat yourself to a tour of the HUF HAUS picture gallery: the transparent timber frame houses with their floor-to-ceiling glazing allow you to discover the surrounding nature in a completely new way. Life as if on holiday - that is the true luxury that a HUF HAUS timber frame house brings with it.

We believe luxury should mean more than an exclusive living standard, peppered with the latest gadgets. At HUF HAUS, we consciously chose high-quality building materials as well as healthy living materials. That means sustainably sourced wood and a renewable energy heat source as standard.  A true luxury house goes much deeper than the stylish surface that you see.

Discover for yourself how intensive life can be in a HUF luxury prefabricated house and visit one of the exclusive HUF show houses near you.

Features of a Luxury Home

1. Highest Quality and Individuality
Luxury refers first and foremost to the ability to build your own individual dream home – without compromising on quality, choice of materials or workmanship. A prefabricated house from HUF HAUS is planned by an experienced architect and tailor-made for you and your family. Only certified building materials that are healthy to live with are used.

2. Generous living space with floor-to-ceiling glazing
With luxury houses, you expect a generous living space. However, it is not only the square metres that count, but also the intelligent floor plan and flowing transitions between the rooms. In combination with floor-to-ceiling glass fronts, this creates an open ambience that incorporates nature into daily life.

3. "Bauhaus" architecture or modern architecture for a prestigious look
A luxury house must radiate elegance and exclusivity. Prefabricated construction offers an enormous variety of sizes, shapes and styles. HUF architecture promises builders maximum flexibility during planning and can be interpreted as desired. Whether a modern flat-roofed villa, cubic Bauhaus architecture with projections and recesses or a luxury house with a classic gable roof.

4. Premium Fit-Out
Dream homes in the luxury segment are characterised by their particularly upmarket furnishings. Exclusive HUF interior and lighting concepts – from wardrobes to kitchens and saunas – set the scene perfectly for the interior of your dream home. Handcrafted staircases and interior doors are just as much a part of the portfolio as professional garden and landscape planning. Thanks to our own HUF group of companies, all trades are supervised for you by professionals who know all about HUF HAUS luxury homes. 

5. Luxury Highlights
If you want to treat yourself to extra luxury, you are in the best hands with HUF HAUS. We fulfil all kinds of special requests: be it a hangar in a look that matches the house, the home cinema in the basement, the spa area with sauna and steam bath or the slide that leads from the attic to the ground floor. Our many years of expertise in building individual luxury homes leaves hardly a wish unfulfilled. Discover for yourself how intense life can be in a luxury prefabricated house from HUF HAUS and visit one of the exclusive HUF show homes near you.

What do you associate with a luxury house?

  • Particularly generous living space or floor plan
  • Representative property with spacious garden
  • Modern kitchen with cooking island and high-quality appliances
  • Outdoor or indoor pool
  • The latest smart home technologies
  • Free-standing bathtubs and wellness equipment such as sauna or steam bath
  • Own wine cellar, fitness studio or spa area
  • Home cinema
  • Large terrace or covered outdoor seating area

Luxury can mean many things and manifests itself in different ways. What is certain is that you can expect top quality for your premium prefabricated house from the Westerwald, which gives our houses the predicate of luxury right from the start. HUF architecture, perfected over decades, reflects elegance, style and exclusivity and is guided by the strictest criteria relating to sustainability and healthy living.

Luxury homes UK

Is it the rooftop terrace with mountain views that make a house a luxury home, or maybe a gym that opens up into the forest? 

Luxury can be many things, but above all it should express itself in a superior quality of life.

Come experience the unique feeling of being in our half-timbered houses made of wood and glass, which clients have described as ‘life-changing.’ Feel the true luxury of our transparent, half-timbered architecture with undisturbed views of nature and communicative open floor plans, underscored by the impeccable craftsmanship in every detail. 

For clients who chose it, the experience of luxury can be augmented by incorporating the high-quality furniture from HUF HAUS's own furniture factory, or technical elements like integrated music throughout the house.

We invite you to visit us at our UK show house in Surrey, England to see for yourself what buying a luxury home can mean.

Service for luxury houses throughout Europe

When you walk into a HUF HAUS, you know immediately and instinctively that this house is special. The features you can see, like the spacious rooms and floor to ceiling glazings, combine with the features you cannot see, like the floating concrete screed floor insulations and the triple glazed, draft-free, enhanced windows. What you feel when you walk into a HUF HAUS is that the house is more than the sum of its parts.

This is the real luxury of the HUF HAUS. The ability to be more than its identifiable, describable parts.

Enrich your personality and your life with the purchase of a luxury villa in characteristic timbered architecture - whether in Germany or throughout Europe.

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