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A touch of Japan

The story behind the house

The single-storey variant of the modern timber-frame house was the favourite of the client, who previously lived in a flat. This model reinvents the classic prefabricated house, combining a gable roof with harmonious garden landscaping to create a Japanese atmosphere.

The bedroom and utility room are concealed from the street by protected plaster panels. As soon as you pass through the red front door, however, the typical HUF principle of maximum openness prevails.

Welcome to the future

The living area of this bungalow floor plan dispenses with the need for doors and disruptive partitions. One particularly pleasant feature is that the rooms are open to just below the roof, making them radiate spaciousness and transparency.

The kitchen and dining area open directly onto nature, where the clients have created a private paradise of their own. They enjoy drinking an afternoon coffee on the sheltered terrace or spending an evening there barbecuing with friends. Their daughter recently moved into a glass timber-frame house next door – now they are guaranteed to see each other every day.

More details about the house

House type

ART 5 bungalow

Living area

124.94 m²

KfW classification

Efficiency house 55


11.90 m x 11.90 m

Roof pitch



Geothermal heat pump

Special features

HUF carport and garage

Usable floor space

42 m²

Accessible living space

The airiness of the rooms

The residents had been searching for their dream house for three years.
This search fortunately came to an end one day when they visited a glass HUF HAUS bungalow
that instantly sparked their interest with. the airiness of the rooms,
the spacious lines of sight and everything flush with the floor and accessible.

Floor plans

Ground floor


HUF house ART 5 bungalow