ART Bungalow sample 2

Fascinating Bungalow

The story behind the house

The house owners are living in an open-plan bungalow made of wood and glass that is located in the heart of a wonderful wild garden with colourful flowers and high shrubs. So the residents can enjoy the view from their accessible timber-framed house every day.

Building a bungalow means living withouth stairs

The charming living concept can do perfectly without stairs and barriers, as the owners of a bungalow prefer to live on a single storyl. Whether young or old, the modern way of living gets more and more popular. This dream house from HUF HAUS in grey does not only convince with its sophisticated floor plan but also with a colourful interior design.

More details about the house

House: ART
Heating: Heat pump
House footprint: 172,96 m²
Roof pitch: 22°
Dimensions: 12.40 m x 14.80 m
Special: Gym

A feeling of airness

The residents benefit from even more airness in this HUF bungalow with a pitch roof.
The roof type guarantees a maximum of airness in each room.

Floor plans

Ground floor


HUF Bungalow