The story behind the house

The architectural philosophy of HUF HAUS has always stood for an open and spacious living concept with harmonious transitions. Open-plan ground floors are striking features of the timber-framed projects.

The transparent construction allows the boundaries between inside and outside to literally blur, so there are no visual limits.

The intuitive operation of the house takes place via a smart home control based on KNX.

Special requirements - intelligent soultions

A wheelchair-accessible floor plan is characterized by generous traffic areas that offer maximum freedom of movement for people with mobility impairments.

The flexible timber-framed architecture of HUF HAUS is predestined for planning open living concepts. Swing-free transitions from room to room and doors with a clear passage width of 90 cm are a matter of course in every HUF building. The example shows an entrance door of 1.20 m - this clear width can also be implemented on request.

Accessible showers, special sanitary equipment or the user-friendly operation of light switches or other operating elements - the experienced HUF architects individually plan according to the wishes and needs of the clients.


More details about the house

House: ART
Heating: Heat pump
House footprint: 176,00 m² / 1.894 sqft
Roof pitch: 18°
Dimensions: 11.50 m x 16.00 m
Features: wheelchair accessible

A feeling of airness

The residents benefit from even more airness in this HUF bungalow with a pitch roof.
Residents can enjoy their garden by stepping outside through the sliding door with a clearance width of 2.24 m.



Floor plans

Ground floor


HUF house bungalow