ART Bungalow sample 4

Architecture in its most intelligent form

Technology Milestone

A fascinating building rises, picturesque, on a light plateau in the middle of the HUF village. The outlines of the sleek wood-glass construction stand out elegantly against the landscape. Anyone wondering how the classic components of half-timbered architecture can be interpreted even more intelligently, and in an unprecedented manner, will find the answer here in the crystal-clear conception of the HUF show house "Ausblick": maximum transparency characterises the appearance of the elaborate bungalow, and of the impressive butterfly roof, which gives the house's architecture an even finer and more open appearance.

More details about the house

House: Bungalow
Gross internal area, total: 154,75 m²
Dimensions: 10.00 m x 18.40 m
Roof pitch: 4°/flat roof/6,7°
House footprint: 176,32 m²
Features: HUF Connector
Heating: Air-to-water heat pump
Special: Concept house

Interacting in a natural way

During the test phase HUF HAUS used Watson Assistant, IBM’s digital assistant for businesses
to build enterprise AI assistant solutions that securely bring together
data on all of the places and "things" consumers visit and interact with daily,
within the bungalow. With Watson Assistant,
home and human beings interact together in a natural way.

Floor plans

Ground floor - residential building

Ground floor - office

Basement floor - residential building

Basement - office


HUF HAUS Ausblick