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HUF HAUS and IBM present the world´s first learning house

HUF HAUS with Watson

The family-owned company HUF HAUS and IBM today presented the world's first house that learns from its occupants, opening a smart bungalow in the model house park of HUF HAUS in Hartenfels.

The Vision: The intelligent HUF House “Ausblick” understands and gets to know its residents through their interactions, which are analyzed by IBM’s Watson IoT platform and are recognized and stored as behavioural patterns.

Thanks to networked sensors, thousands of data was collected during the test in the IBM Cloud, analyzed by the Watson IoT platform and transformed into insights about residents’ behavioural patterns. This dynamic approach is in contrast to the standard smart home programming available on the market, which executes pure chain-of-command requests and represents a static set of rules.

The house in timber-frame architecture is available for visitors to the exhibition centre in the Westerwald as a show house and is also used as an office building. The residents test the learning abilities of the house in live operation.

Technology Milestone

The innovative family business HUF HAUS from the Westerwald attracts attention with its ground-breaking milestones: The construction of the glasshouse is revolutionary and patented. A mechanical connector transforms glass into structural glazed element without the use of chemical adhesives.

We look forward to welcoming you here in Hartenfels to discover the new show house!

Please send us an email or call us to reserve a guided tour and to discover the new show house:!

More details about the house

House type

ART bungalow

Gross internal area, total

154,75 m²


176,32 m²

Roof pitch

4°/flat roof/6,7°


10.00 m x 18.40 m


Air-to-water heat pump


Concept house


HUF Connector

Interacting in a natural way

During the test phase HUF HAUS used Watson Assistant, IBM’s digital assistant for businesses
to build enterprise AI assistant solutions that securely bring together
data on all of the places and "things" consumers visit and interact with daily,
within the bungalow. With Watson Assistant,
home and human beings interact together in a natural way.

Floor plans

Ground floor - residential building

Ground floor - office

Basement floor - residential building

Basement - office


HUF HAUS Ausblick