ART Bungalow sample 5

Bungalow with HUF view

The story of two houses in Hampshire

Extending a Grade II Listed home presents one of the greatest planning challenges in the UK. Utterly protected and with strict regulations in place – mitigating against pastiche – Listed status can be as much of a blessing as a curse.

Peter Huf – the lead architect at HUF HAUS in the UK – and his team set about creating a solution that would not only enable the couple to achieve planning permission, but would afford them the ample living space that they desired.

Good neighborhood

While they had initially planned to extend the property in a style that was sympathetic to the original architecture, the local planning authority advised them to consider a contemporary extension. So the idea of a HUF extension was born.

that's not all, Jonathan and the HUF team have planned and built an age-appropriate HUF bungalow with a filigree flat roof for his mother. The modern HUF house has barrier-free access and is specially tailored to the wishes of the satisfied neighbour.

More details about the house

House: ART
Heating: Heat pump
House foot prtin: 76,96 m²
Roof pitch: Flat roof
Dimensions: 11.26 m x 8.80 m
Feature: Smart Home

Another dimension

Since moving into their new home in July 2016 the residents are settling well;
Jonathan adds: “We are delighted with the finished product. The extension has created another
dimension to our home – we have a new dining room, sitting room and
hotel-style bathroom – and the open plan design is ideal for year-round entertaining.”

Ground floor

Ground floor


HUF bungalow & HUF extension