Bauhaus house

The Bauhaus style and the HUF Haus have one thing in common: There is not one Bauhaus style and not one HUF Haus. Anyone who likes to do without frills and instead prefers clear forms and restrained designs will opt for a cubic timbered house from HUF HAUS, for example in a modern flat-roof design.

Did you know?

The Bauhaus house celebrates its 100th birthday in 2019. Since then, the Bauhaus style has been regarded as "timeless" and its functional simplicity is still practiced today.

At HUF HAUS you get a Bauhaus design prefabricated house with a lot of tradition and the latest technology at the same time. The family business has existed since 1912 and was founded in the same decade as the Bauhaus.

The family business has existed since 1912 and was founded in the same decade as the Bauhaus. Accordingly, we have extensive know-how and know exactly how to transfer the Bauhaus style into the 21st century. Mind you: Bauhaus prefabricated houses no longer correspond to the buildings from that time in terms of technology and energy.

Nevertheless, the clear language of form and the expressive style have remained. When you build a HUF house in Bauhaus design, you get an individual architecture design house that focuses on new technologies and smart installations, but also reinterprets old traditions.

We are talking about timbered houses, which have been in use for more than 500 years and represent the proven basis for our houses.

What speaks for a prefabricated house in Bauhaus style?

The surrounding skylight level and the floor-to-ceiling glazing create a look that looks elegant and timeless. The popularity of the Bauhaus objects, which proponents of architecture have certainly already visited in Dessau, the second school location after Weimar, is therefore probably timeless.

Did you know that HUF HAUS had already offered flat-roof houses in 1960, whose box architecture with many right angles resembles the exemplary Bauhaus master houses? The connections between HUF HAUS and the Bauhaus style can already be found in the history of the family business and culminate in the collaboration with the architect Manfred Adams, who shaped the face of the houses. The outer appearance of the HUF houses is still unmistakable today.

Join us on a voyage of discovery - in our HUF village in Hartenfels we will be happy to guide you through the world of HUF HAUS. A visit to our museum is worthwhile at any time, especially if you are interested in the parallels to the theme Bauhaus.

We recommend "FREIRAUM" by HUF HAUS to those who would like to inform themselves digitally in advance. Here you will find many inspirations and the portfolio at a glance. You are also welcome to call us so that we can answer your first questions quickly and competently. On our website you will also find a variety of house examples - discover Bauhaus houses in the portfolio of HUF HAUS in the house finder!

HUF HAUS Bauhaus-style houses in the media

 HUF HAUS London - new showhouse

HUF House MODUM Bauhaus style

Time-lapse house in the Bauhaus style