Flat roof sample 4

Nestled in Nature

A touch of Bauhaus

Large glass panels and an open, spacious floorplan, accented with strategically placed white walls, give this MODUM Home with a modern flat roof a sense of grandeur.

The couple, who specialize in restoring church pews, made a conscious decision to go with the ultra-modern design from the Westerwald: The positioning of glazed and opaque wall sections was tailored precisely to the opportunities the site presents and to the client’s personal taste - resulting in both, generous living areas and private retreats.

more details about the house

House: MODUM
Heating: Heat pump
House footprint: 153,97 m²/ 1657 sqft
Roof pitch: Flat roof
Dimensions: 12,50 m x 13,70 m
Features: Double Garage

Sustainable living

Spacious Design

The modern flat roof house is a little more closed towards the street – a visual highlight is the extra-high entrance door made of historic oak – and unfolds its full transparency towards the garden. Thanks to clever planning, an outdoor patio was created here. Flowing transitions and unobstructed views of nature characterise the floor plan concept throughout the house, which also houses an additional apartment in the basement. In addition, a spacious double garage in HUF look complements the two-storey building and thus ensures a coherent overall picture.

Floor plans

Ground Floor

First floor



HUF House MODUM with flat roof