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The most green timber-framed house in all of Germany

Green, green, green…

Clear lines, generous glazing, open plan living concept, technical sophistication –name but a few of many the attributes found within the newly launched HUF House Show House in Mannheim, Germany.
The show house produces more energy than is required to operate and has been awarded the Platinum Badge granted by the German Society for Sustainable Building Council (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen – DGNB).

Invisible technology

The HUF House MODUM combines the best green attributes to a harmonious interaction between architecture and technology, aesthetic and design. The timber-framed house was developed as a research project together with heating technology specialist Vaillant and demonstrates the integration of efficient and environmentally friendly technology to enhance the life of future home owners.



More details about the house

House type

MODUM flat roof

Living area, ground floor

121.48 m²

Living area, first floor

92.73 m²


13.70 m x 7.70 m

Heating Technology


Special features

Photovoltaic system

Special features

DGNB Platinum


Flat roof

Platinum for HUF House MODUM

DGNB-Director Johannes Kreißig ennobled the project with the highest recognition – the Platinum Award – and confirmed that
strictest sustainability standards in terms of ecology, economy, socio-cultural and function aspects, technology, processes and location site were fulfilled with excellence.

Floor plans

Ground floor

First floor


HUF Haus MODUM Flachdach