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Living the Dream

The story behind the house

Finding this perfect plot in Tessin (Switzerland), next to Lake Lugano, was a real stroke of luck for our clients - as far as locations with stunning views go, they don’t come much more awe-inspiring than this! Tessin is a gloriously green and sunny region in Switzerland where Mediterranean and Alpine landscapes collide with breath-taking results. 

As an Architect, our client has helped many Families realise their own Dream Homes in the area of Tessin, and was inspired to build their own Dream Home here too. With many clients living in the immediate vicinity, or with plans to do so, gave these owners the perfect opportunity to absorb and appreciate the glorious beauty of the area and prospect of living here.


More details about the house

House: ART flat roof
House footprint: 118,24 m²/1272 sqft
Roof pitch: Flat roof
Dimensions: 12.40 m x 10.00 m
Heating: Heat pump
Feature: Natural pool

A spacious roof terrace to expand the living space

The garden exudes a veritable Mediterranean ambience.
Directly adjoining the garden, and at the same level, the spacious and open living and dining area fills the ground floor.
In this exclusive HUF house, you can find a place of retreat on the first floor with bedrooms, and on the roof terrace with sauna and fitness area located behind it.

And all of this just a stone’s throw from Lake Lugano – heavenly!

Floor plans

Ground floor

First floor

Second floor


HUF house flat roof