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Living in
idyllic nature

The story behind the house

If you want to enjoy the classic timber-frame structure and modern loft atmosphere in perfect symbiosis, this MODUM HUF house is just what you are looking for. The owner decided on a modern design, featuring the flat roof with large overhangs.
Openness and transparency were the reason why the owner opted for building a house with HUF HAUS. Typical features of the open and transparent design are the floor-depth glazing and the additional clerestory strip on the ground floor and in the loft.

Light rooms

The way the rooms are divided inside the house is also linear and clean. The ground floor is made up of one large room, which serves as a central communication point. The large ceiling opening in the loft gives you an unobstructed view of the entire house – from cooking and dining area to the living area and up to the gallery. Doors and spatial divisions are nowhere to be found in this loft-style floor plan.
Even the loft itself provides views of greenery all over. Leaving the gallery and library takes you to the bedroom and bathroom area, both of which are consistently open, forming a harmonious unit.

More Details about the House

House: MODUM
Heating: Heat pump
Dimensions: 12,50 m x 8,90 m
Roof pitch: flat roof
House footprint: 111,25 m²/1.197 sqft
Features: Smart Home

Old mixed with new

The house’s entire interior furnishings are a charming mixture of old and new.
Selected designer furniture combined with antiques or unusual furnishing items give each room a very personal touch.
For example, a visitor in the dining area will find a restored sideboard next to the modern StilART solid-wood table.

Lettering replaces the classic picture in the stairway, an antique sofa decorates the gallery – individuality down to the finest detail!

Floor plans

Ground floor

First floor


HUF house MODUM 7