MODUM Bungalow sample 7


The story behind the house

By choosing to build a one-storey bungalow, this family  with two children created an easy-access home with many advantages.

Without the roof ridge determining the layout of the house, the family had great flexibility in designing their home. Since the home has no stairs to manoeuvre, it will remain accessible even as the owners advance in years.

Solid oak floorboards look charmingly rustic and offer a perfect contrast to the sophisticated furniture and high gloss kitchen from StilART.

More details about the house

House: MODUM Bungalow
House footprint: 175.45 m² / 1889 sqft
Dimensions: see floorplan
Roof pitch: Flat roof
Total gross external area: 175.45 m² / 1.889 sqft
Features: Single-storey

Open-plan space

The living room features light wooden boards and opens out onto the patio, extending the interior space outwards.
The large kitchen offers enough space for the entire family to come together.

Floor plan

Ground floor


HUF house MODUM Bungalow