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Living in the

A HUF bungalow for car enthusiasts

HUF bungalows in modern post-and-beam architecture are characterised by their fascinating wood and glass look as well as thought-out floorplans. Because of the bungalow construction, all rooms must be intelligently accommodated in one area. Depending on the plot, a basement can also be useful – as in the case of HUF home owner Mika, who combined his dream bungalow with a basement of a special kind.

"When a HUF house was being built in the neighbourhood, I was able to follow the construction progress day by day. Everything went hand in hand – no standstill, no chaos," Mr Mika recalls. At that time, the automotive product manager was already looking for a suitable house manufacturer to realise his very individual wish: a bungalow with a glazed underground garage.

More Details about the house

House: MODUM Bungalow
House footprint: 156,25 m² / 1681 sqft
Dimensions: 12,50 x 12,50 m
Roof pitch: 22°
Total gross external area: 250,34 m²/ 2694 sqft
Features: Glazed Underground-Garage

Everything from a single source

Together with the experienced architects from HUF HAUS, the car enthusiast from the Hoch-Taunus (Germany) planned his customised home in the countryside, including a developed cellar and parking space for his favourite vehicles. Since the HUF basement is designed just as carefully as the HUF house and coordinated and supervised as an overall project with the house, this integrated construction method ensures short construction times and holistically high quality.

"The open architectural language fits perfectly in the Taunus region with its mountains and forests. I am still enthusiastic about the large glass surfaces and the connection to nature. It was also important for me that everything comes from a single source. Due to my job, I simply don't have the time for elaborate tenders and scheduling," explains the client, who relied entirely on the turnkey service of the family-owned company.

Floor plan

Ground floor



HUF house MODUM Bungalow