ART 5 sample 4

Luxurious green
paradise in the city

Pure luxury!

One property combines luxury with spacious rooms, exclusive furnishings or private spa, while the other is in a top location with land at the front: Luxury is multi-faceted and means different things to different people. What is luxurious about a HUF house?

This question is easily answered by the residents of the fascinating HUF house ART 5: In a HUF house, luxury is synonymous with the fantastic opportunity to live life in harmony with nature, which becomes part of your everyday life, thanks to the open-style, timber framed architecture. Anyone lucky enough to experience this, will appreciate this healthy lifestyle and never want to swap that amazing feeling of freedom of living in a HUF house for anything else! 

Garden paradise

In this respect, the design of the garden and landscape was planned down to the smallest detail by GartenART, a member of the HUF group. A large infinity pool is at the heart of the grounds and, especially late in the evening, reflects the striking timber framed house. A large wooden terrace serves as a green living room and adds an extra dimension to the interior of the house. The outdoor sauna overlooking the garden and the designer house offers pure relaxation.

Daten zum Haus

House type


Gross internal area, ground floor

141.41 m²

Gross internal area, first floor

117.27 m²


160.96 m²


12.40 m x 12.40 m


Air-to-water heat pump


Infinity outdoor pool and sauna


Garden by GartenART

Suitable furniture concept

The kitchen, also inspired by the colour scheme in the Riverview show house in London, was designed by StilART and coordinates perfectly with the timber framed architecture.
Shades of blackberry can be found both in the glass façade behind the kitchen block and in the interior and sets an exciting colour tone.
“My favourite place is the dining table. From here I have everything in view!”, enthuses the house resident.
And his wife? Her dreams came true with the StilART walk-in dressing room, adjacent to the bedroom and overlooking the spa.

Floor plans

Ground floor

First Floor


HUF house ART 5 sample 4