ART 5 sample 4

Luxurious green
paradise in the city

Pure luxury!

A private paradise was created in the heart of Berlin  as a retreat to abandon the stresses of city life. When planning and designing their new home, these clients set their priorities on maximising transparency, fluid transitions and perfectly made-to-measure StilART furniture.

The finished house features a custom-made kitchen, walk-in wardrobe, soothing spa bathroom and a harmonious colour palette. Blackberry accents are tastefully introduced around the home, creating interesting highlights and tying the overall design together. The American jukebox sits beneath the striking centre-piece staircase and adds a personal focal point and retro touch.

The hard-working couple made the journey to their perfect dream house totally stress-free by com-missioning the HUF company Garten ART to design and complete the external landscape of their garden. GartenART developed a landscaping concept with  spacious timber patio decking, and an external sauna that faces the garden and the heated pool. The perfect idyll in Germany's bustling capital!

More details about the house

House: ART 5
House footprint: 160.96 m² / 1.731 sqft
Dimensions: 12.40 m x 12.40 m + alcove
Roof pitch: 30°
Total gross external area: 314.72 m² / 3.388 sqft
Features: Infinity outdoor pool and sauna

Suitable furniture concept

The kitchen, also inspired by the colour scheme in the Riverview show house in London, was designed by StilART and coordinates perfectly with the timber framed architecture.
Shades of blackberry can be found both in the glass façade behind the kitchen block and in the interior and sets an exciting colour tone.
“My favourite place is the dining table. From here I have everything in view!”, enthuses the house resident.
And his wife? Her dreams came true with the StilART walk-in dressing room, adjacent to the bedroom and overlooking the spa.


Ground floor

First floor


HUF house ART 5