ART 5 Sample 7


Rural idyll

There is a lack of building land in almost all towns and cities. Many people who live in very built-up areas long for more privacy. Which is why, when planning their own home, they are drawn to more rural regions. Here, sites on hills are gaining in popularity. The reasons for this are obvious: Stunning and, above all, unspoilt views.

"We had already bought the property years ago. It is the perfect combination of rural idyll and quick access to many major German cities. After entering the post-and-beam house by HUF in an exhibition, my wife and I had this very special feel-good moment," the home owner sums up his decision in favour of the family-owned company from the Westerwald.


House: ART 5
Heating: Heat pump
Dimensions: 11,20 m x 12,40 m + alcove
Roof pitch: 30°
House footprint: 148,48 m²/1.598 sqft
Features: Outdoor Pool

built into the slope

Sunshine Lovers

In order to place the HUF House ART 5 on the plot in the best possible way and with a view over the neighbouring roofs, the basement was planned into the slope and used as a "plateau". A driveway adorned with natural stone walls and plants leads slightly uphill to the spacious double garage, which is part of the basement and thus offers direct access to the house.

Those on foot use the side stone staircase to the eaves-side entrance with a burgundy-violet front door. Large terrace areas and balconies ensure that residents can wander with the sun or relax in the shade at any time of day. Another highlight is the natural pool framed by wood, which is harmoniously integrated into the outdoor facilities. Thanks to a biofilter, only ecologically treated water is used.

Floor plans

Ground floor

First floor



HUF house ART 5