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Living in harmony with the forces of nature

The story behind the house

A house, with the four elements of fire, water, earth and air as themes that can be experienced with all the senses – this is the unique four-elements house in the HUF village in Hartenfels.

The four elements pass through the individual rooms like an invisible cord, ultimately joining to symbolically form a unique philosophy of life. One of bringing nature into the central point of your life – the house – to benefit as a person from its power and enjoy its beneficial effects.

The fascination of water is evident in all facets of this timber-frame house. If desired, inhabitants and guests can be welcomed by the gentle splashing in a specially manufactured pool in the entrance area.  The typical colours of water are reflected in the shades of blue, white and green, bathing individual rooms in fascinating atmospheric lighting.

Natural elements as life philosophy

The primal force of life filling the room – the power of fire has been put to use in various ways. An open fireplace that forms the focal point of the home not only gives out beneficial heat, but is also a place for contemplation, to round off the day in peace.

HUF HAUS works exclusively with materials that the earth provides and that now make life a little more pleasant for us. High-quality wood, fine metal and precious slate are just some of the materials that form the foundation and framework for a personal haven of peace.

A house must give its inhabitants plenty of air to breathe and the freedom to let their desires unfold. The HUF house communicates this at every turn with a feeling of transparency...

More details about the house

House type: ART 9
House footprint: 329.44 m² / 3546 sqft
Dimensions: 22.00 m x 17.20 m
Roof pitch: 30°
Total gross external area: 988,32 m² / 10638 sqft
Features: Smart Home with PV-system

All house functions under control

Sophisticated technology is harmoniously in unison with the four fundamental elements of life. To enable this, the timber-frame house has a central control unit that covers all technical processes in the house and enables them to be controlled together.
Following the philosophy of “keeping it simple”, a touch panel is used to program the lighting system and room temperature.
All information from heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, humidification, electrical system and solar system is combined here and centrally controlled.
Even the music and intercom systems can be controlled from the panel, enabling the desired ambience to be set up quickly and easily.


Floor plans

Ground floor

First floor



HUF house ART 9