Living Room Inspirations

See inside the beautiful Living Rooms of our HUF Clients

Open floor plans, transparency and clean lines are quintessential attributes of HUF HAUS post and beam design; architecture to offer boundless creativity and for personal flair to shine through.

Whether a small, cosy living room or a generously spacious living area, the right accents, furniture and lighting create statements of any size!

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Exceptionally Beautiful Ideas

A Step Above Standard Living

Sometimes if a living room is particularly spacious, it is advantageous to place the lounge furniture in the centre of the room, away from the walls. It might be a minimalist designer couch with a low backrest, or a comfortable love seat paired with design classic accents, or a communication zone with sofas arranged for conversation. A rug could be used to frame the ensemble, or as an accent in front of a sofa.

Depending on the style of the interior decorating, you can create a pleasing colour contrast to the flooring with the help of an area rug, sofa cushions or accessories. Vaulted ceilings make the living room look particularly spacious, and expansive wall elements can hold grand, oversized paintings or large-screen televisions.

Consistent Colour Concepts

A harmonious colour concept that echoes through the home is also great when injected in the Living Room design, or dressing.

Two or three dominant colours appear again and again throughout, as if to move you along the story of the home. 
These colours may appear boldly in the artwork and furniture, or glimpses may be shared throughout the homes accessories.

Flooring plays an important role in colour selection, as it can largely determine how much colour the room can tolerate. A wooden floor with visible grain comes into its own with modest living room furniture, whereas a light oak floor or dark tiled floors, benefit from bold colour and strong highlights.

Tip: When hanging pictures with your colour accents, be sure not to hang them too high. Pictures should be enjoyed at approximately eye level when sitting.

Feeling Grey

The grey sofa – a Living Room classic.
A great ‘style chameleon’, the grey sofa lends itself to many various styles, shapes and fabrics, combining and complimenting simple to distinctive living room concepts; such as furniture and furnishings and a host of colourful cushions and accents. Atmosphere plays equal part in the style of a room- flowing curtains or minimalist panels create the desired privacy and softness, while lamps, not only practical, add a feeling of warmth and cosy. Should the room need to be darkened further, the external blinds can be lowered with the push of a button as a quick and convenient transition from gazing out into the evening twilight, to blocking out the world for a cosy night in.

What a stylish Bunch!

Regardless of whether you arrange a sofa with an armchair, a floor cushions with stools, or a classic rocking chair with a side table, well placed furniture groups create a pleasing setting and gives the room space to breathe and flow. The ‘group’ could be arranged to face each other for ease of conversation, or perhaps you have a stunning view to enjoy and will therefore no doubt arrange the furniture to optimise viewing pleasure and to take full advantage of the unobstructed landscape.
The placement of the television will depend on the seating arrangement.

Unwind and relax by the Fire.

A Fireplace is the ultimate in cosy and a greatmoodenhancer. The moving glow of the fire brings warmth and comfort to both the Mind and the Home, especially when the temperature drops outside and we need a slice of solace. While the Fireplace has always been a great focal point in any room, it can also be used as a room divider, or even a great piece of design - if encapsulated in glass, you can look through it from every angle and see from room to room.

Though there are an abundance of designs to choose from, it is important that the correct Fireplace is selected for size and style of the room. HUF HAUS use only specially designed Fireplaces to complement the distinctive HUF look as well as the functioning’s of our Architecture.

When visiting the HUF village in Hartenfels, it’s worth taking a look at the fireplaces on display.

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