Extension Sample 4

Extensive Redesign

Breathing new life into a HUF house from 1999

The HUF house ART 4 near Berlin is a true designer ideal. The light grey post-and-beam construction, embedded in a dream-like garden landscape with a pool oasis, frames the stylish interior with a comfortable mix of wood, glass and stone.

Only those who know the formerly ebony-coloured HUF house would guess that the entire gable facade facing the garden was added later. But the stylish and modern extension was not the only addition. In the surrounding grounds the pool house with flat roof and the double carport create a unified look.

More details about the house

House: HUF FACHWERKHAUS 2000 + Extension
Heating: Heat pump
Year of construction (house): 1999
New living space: 89,27 m² (Extension)
Year of construction Extension + Annexe: 2020
Annexe: Pool house, Garage, Carport

More space

The positioning of the house entrance is taken for granted now that it is successfully completed but it was a real challenge during the house construction: with the help of a crane, the entire extension was hoisted over the neighbouring house and carefully placed into position.
An effort that was well worth it, because the new gable is striking, boasting the newest building details, a harmonious look and offering more space.
The extension over two floors gives the family of four 89,27 square metres more living space and an additional balcony.

floor plans

Ground floor

First floor






New gable, pool house and garage