Extension Sample 2

Triple Garage
with Office Space

The story behind the house

Benefitting from the transparent architecture and the floor-to-ceiling glazing, one part of the basement – the so-called ‘Beletage’ – offers space for a professional home office. The HUF house owner, who heads a company in the creative industry, enjoys the vibrant green of the surrounding garden from here, while from the outside the HUF house wows with three imposing levels of the fully glazed facade. An abundance of natural light and views to the garden – qualities the entrepreneur does not want to miss whilst working from home.

"Living and working are closely combined in our house. As soon as my partners and I founded the company we required more space – for meetings and creative breaks," says the home owner.

In addition he also wanted to build three garages, harmoniously integrated into the landscape of his plot.

Together with the team from ServiceART, the after-care specialist in the HUF HAUS family business, an ingenious concept was created combining both functional requirements: An extension with triple garage and HUF green garage doors – and above a fully-glazed meeting room, inviting the outside world into the office.

More details about the house

House: HUF Extension
Heating: Heat Pump
Year of construction (house): 2000
Roof pitch: Flat roof
Year of construction (extension): 2019
Features: Clerestory Glazing

Harmonious ensemble

The ebony-coloured post-and-beam extension with its modern flat-roof and extensive glazing sits perfectly in the environment, and provides the ideal frame for the three garages  – executed with special HUF details such as the clerestory glazing and the HUF typical large double beams. Details that were specifically developed by HUF HAUS for this project at the request of the client. This characteristic look underlines the harmonious ensemble while trees, shrubs and colourful plants surround the two HUF buildings and provide views into green nature from every angle.

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Triple Garage with Office