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The call of the countryside

The story behind the house

Getting away from the hectic city life and back to nature – moving to the countryside is becoming increasingly popular. But if you think that a rural lifestyle is mainly focused on the past, you’re in for quite a shock when you see the newly built HUF house ART 3. With the timber-frame house in its idyllic location, the family company is reinterpreting the traditional concept of a typical country house. The owners very deliberately wished to break the conventional clichés of country house romanticism.

Their intention was to live in a house that was fully open to the natural panorama of the Westerwald. A house that would be a suntrap and beam with tranquillity. This was achieved with an ebony-coloured post-and-beam structure with floor-length window facades in an extremely harmonious, symmetrical arrangement.

The path to the centre

The entrance is located on the protected eaves side and marks the centre of the house. Visitors are welcomed with a glass entrance portal and lilac-coloured door. The door leads to 180 square metres of exceptional living space, split across the central axis into two wings of equal size.

An interior architecture unfolds that follows the aesthetic of geometric lines. The symmetry and the geometry of the visible post-and-beam construction are transformed by the  constant interplay of daylight into a place where the rhythm of nature can be enjoyed afresh every day. As an efficiency house 55, the HUF house also proves that architecture and technology can be combined in an energy-saving and thus environmentally friendly design.

More details about the house

House type


Gross internal area, ground floor

113.56 m²

Gross internal area, first floor

80.85 m²


130.37 m²


13.05 m x 9.40 m


Brine-to-water heat pump


Wellness oasis



Focused on the essential

Openness in home style and lifestyle

The owners’ favourite place is the dining area, with its impressive ceiling height that reaches up into the roof ridge. When friends and family
gather around the long wooden dining table, there  is an atmosphere of effortless hospitality. Their meals together are accompanied by the atmospheric sunlight,
which transitions to a subtly arranged LED lighting concept as the sun goes down.
The LEDs also provide entertaining light displays in the surrounding garden area, viewable from the living room through the floor-length glass.
The lighting feature is controlled via a KNX BUS system, as is all the other house technology.

Floor plans

Ground floor

First floor



HUF house ART 3

Interview with the owners

How many people live in your house?
There are normally two of us in the house. Sometimes three. (The daughter)

How did you find out about the plot of land?
We spent a long time looking for a plot in the area. In the end, the sale of the plot was organised by an estate agent.

What did the planning stage for your house involve?
After a day of intensive planning with the HUF HAUS architects in Hartenfels, the house design had been completed and the drafts drawn up. The building application was then submitted and we obtained the building permit within a week.

What design concept did you apply to the rooms in the house?
The rooms in the house are all square of equal size. The central axis symmetrical splits the rooms. In the first floor, for example, pairs of rooms of identical size are joined by a “visually floating” bridge in each wing.

What extras were particularly important to you? What was indispensible for you?
The kitchen has a working kitchen that is hidden just behind the kitchen front. The sauna in the bathroom is also a vital extra in the house.

Were there any special features in the plans?
Yes, a step rises up from the spacious entrance hall and opens out into a floating bridge on the first floor. The solid-wood bridge brings together the two living areas made up of square-shaped rooms. 

How did the construction stage go?
Everything ran smoothly in the construction stage. Everything ran like clockwork.

What heating system have you installed in your house?
The house is heated by a geothermal heat pump.

Was special energy-saving technology integrated in the building?
Yes! Despite its large glass surfaces, the house is an efficient house 55. And the geothermal heat pump also saves energy.

Did you opt for any solutions for house automation?
The house is controlled via a KNX system with a central control unit.

Now that you have been living in the house for some time, what makes living in your new home so special?
We enjoy to the full the spaciousness of the rooms, the special ambience of our HUF house and the wonderful unobstructed view.

What would be your three pieces of advice for someone building their own home?
1. Before purchasing a plot of land, you should have the architect or construction company check that the plot is suitable for construction.

2. Find a construction partner that can provide everything from a single source ‒ with HUF HAUS I had the right partner to ask when I had any questions.

3. Be sure to leave some leeway in your budget!