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Nature: A beautifully framed work of art

Green Love

Can you imagine a rival to the striking design of HUF HAUS architecture - perfectly framing the natural, delightful creations of nature? Probably not.

The owners of this crystal clear home chose HUF HAUS timber and glass methods to wholly enjoy the views of their garden. The brightly glazed gabled home brings undisturbed views of the garden, framing the abundant work of art that is the ever-changing beauty of Mother Nature and her seasons.

The landscaping of the garden was implemented personally by the Home owner, Susanne. After much research and visual inspiration, Suzanne concluded that although she wanted a beautiful, fruitful garden, it needed to be both minimalist and manageable. The results of Suzanne’s labour are remarkable; many elements of the manicured garden reflect the clean lines of the Homes HUF HAUS architecture.

What our clients have to say

We asked Susanne and Yogi what lead them towards the style of classic half-timbered house. Without hesitation, they answer: 
"We love the contrast of the house! On the one hand light-flooded, open and modern, on the other hand cosy and comfortable through the visible wooden construction."

It wasn’t fate that drew the couple towards HUF HAUS. Our family-owned company (going into our fourth generation) renowned for designing and delivering superbly high quality as standard, teamed with ongoing skilled personal assistance and support were vastly decisive points and factors that lead to the selection of HUF HAUS as the building partner for this home.

More Details about the house

House: ART 3
Heating: Heat pump
Dimensions: alcove + 9,40 x 12,40 + alcove
Roof pitch: 30°
House footprint: 140,16 m² /1.508 sqft
Features: KNX

Breathtaking views

Susanne and Yogi sum up: Their favourite spot is in front of the fireplace on the stylish Le Corbusier lounger.
From here, in the morning with a cup of green tea, the view wanders from the kitchen over the dining room to the stream course.
"The views look like framed panoramas from here," concludes Susanne.
beautifully framed...

Floor plans

Ground floor

First floor



HUF house ART 3