ART 3 sample 2


This family of three achieved their dream of owning an envi-ronmentally friendly home integrated into nature. The house  is bathed in natural light while their photovoltaic system converts sunlight into electricity. The superior insulation  and efficiency of the house means additional fossil fuel energy sources are not required.

A charging point for electric cars prepares this house for the environmental demands of the twenty-first century. The ground floor offers inviting spaces  for dining and living.

The custom-designed StilART kitchen, featuring a collection of antique coffee mills, makes cooking  a joy. The second bedroom with its en-suite bathroom can be used by a young child, a teenager, or by guests, adapting easily to changing needs. The tranquil first floor is a quiet haven. Further to the bedrooms, the expansive walk-in dressing room and the bathroom, there is a comfortable gallery – a peaceful space to relax and unwind.

More details about the house

House: ART 3
House footprint: 138.24 m² / 1.488 sqft
Dimensions: 9.40 m x 13.60 m + alcove
Total gross external area: 266.08 m2 / 2.864 sqft
Roof pitch: 30°
Features: PV panels with e-car charging station

Open-plan living

The ground floor with its light, friendly dining area and open-plan kitchen is the perfect place to socialise as a family.
From the spacious gallery to the beautifully landscaped garden, this home offers an array of popular spaces for every member of the family.

Floor plans

Ground floor

First floor


HUF house ART 3