Modernes Fachwerkhaus weiß ART 3
Modernes Fachwerkhaus HUF ART 3 weiss 6

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A lifelong dream fulfilled at the lakeside

The story behind the house

How lucky must you feel when this retreat is so very special? A house overlooking a lake, a house in the mountains, a house in the country – for the client family, their life’s dream has been fulfilled.

This HUF house ART 3, planned with extensive customisation from the ground up, was built on a plot of land that truly deserves to be called “outstanding”.

Distant views over the lake, the church tower visible out of corner of your eye, surrounded by lush green open space, the clearly structured private park and the timeless wood/glass architecture combine to form a property whose value can barely be measured in monetary terms.

If you are ever lucky enough to visit this special house, the first thing that hits you is the amount of unobstructed space inside. The open-air hideaway feel is also reflected visually on the inside.

“Typical HUF HAUS,” says the expert, while first-time visitors silently take in the atmosphere. Openness, transparency and the clean lines of the visible post-and-beam construction form a symbiosis with the cultivated nature of the park and the wild nature of the region. Quite the dream.

Openness in home style and lifestyle

A spacious, covered terrace, the sheltered balcony on the first floor, the outdoor swimming pool and the staircase on the opulent lawn make it even easier to enjoy summertime outdoors.
The inside boasts spaciousness, transparency and fluid borders between the rooms and their particular functions.  Accordingly, the entrance, living room, kitchen and dining room merge to form a harmonious whole.

Their individual functions remain clear, however, because of the sophisticated structuring.

On the first floor, the home-owners have created a private retreat that houses on one side the bridge-style gallery bedroom and dressing room and on the other the bathing area, which would be more realistically described as a wellness spa.

Overall, this HUF house ART 3 with almost 230 m² of total living space provides more than enough space for a comfortable life. But this only represents the basis of what bonds the owner family to their house ‒ the fulfilment of a lifelong dream.

More details about the house

House type


Gross internal area, ground floor

126.42 m²

Gross internal area, first floor

93.38 m²


145.84 m²


13.60 m x 9.40 m


Air-to-water heat pump




Infinity Pool

Symphony of the senses

Clean lines for peace and order

Spaciousness applies across the board. Feeling that you have enough space to breathe deeply and relax can hardly be measured in square metres.
Instead, HUF architecture is known for having a certain ambience in its DNA.
This house is one of many pieces of living proof.

Floor plans

Ground floor

First floor



HUF house ART 3