First impressions count:

Appearances are important even in a front door

A first impression makes all the difference – whether on a first date or in any other aspect of life.

That’s why HUF HAUS has paid so much attention to the entrance areas of their homes. Modern front doors help to save energy, provide more comfort and make the house much more secure. “It’s important that the door matches both the house and the needs of those living there. Function and design should go hand in hand,” explains Michael Baumann, Sales Director at HUF HAUS.

Modern front doors have long since grown out of their basic functions of “allowing or preventing entry” and “separating the inside from the outside”. They therefore now have a multifunctional role and contribute significantly to enhancing the quality of the home. At the same time, there is a wide variety of materials, designs and colours to choose from. These can be combined with state-of-the-art building technologies and so become the new, personalised hallmark of the house or the home owner.

At HUF HAUS, the point of entry is a key element of the HUF home’s architecture and illustrates the high safety standards involved. The door, for example, is 95 mm thick. Thanks to the massive block frame construction and the heat-insulated door panel with a replaceable curtain skin matching the colour of the house, built in a particularly stable way, the door provides security, stability and durability.

Doors that are on trend

For manufacturing front doors, aluminium, stainless steel, wood, plastic and combinations of these materials are used. With regard to form, clear lines are favoured. These are supplemented by additional details made of stainless steel, wood and stone, along with door handles that are available in several different designs and materials. Another visual highlight consists of the LED lights in the doors, which create exceptional lighting effects. Whether for the name or number of the house or simply as a symbol, lighting is a real eye-catcher. When it comes to HUF homes, there’s a clear trend towards brightly coloured doors. A strong turquoise, red or purple, for example, will contrast with the timber frame architecture and give such houses a first indication of the colour accents to be found in the interior design and decorative choices.

“Play it safe” with modern front doors

When it comes to security, modern front doors offer maximum performance. Concealed, easy-care rotary hinges are also available, as are automatically locking multi-locks and access controls based on a fingerprint system, remote control operation or transponders. These systems has the advantage that the occupants of the house – whether it’s the parents after work or the children returning from school early – won’t always need to search for their key. In the show home in Hartenfels, too, visitors can find out about the different options. For instance, fingerprints are scanned to open the doors used by the employees who come in and out every day. In another case, a sliding door opens in response to a voice command. The main doors to the house itself are opened in the traditional way using the key.

Good energy efficiency thanks to advanced construction methods

Energy-efficient front doors available on the open market are 80 or so millimetres thick and have at least two sealant layers to ensure good insulation levels. If you combine these with the latest heat-insulating windows and corresponding insulation of the facade, an old energy-guzzler can be turned into a future-proof energy-saving house. Front doors constructed from aluminium have one special design feature: they include thermally separated profiles, which also can be fitted with thermal insulation inserts made of polyurethane foam. At HUF HAUS, the means of access to the home is carefully integrated with the overall structure and stands out for features that go far beyond the levels of quality offered in market-standard doors.

Technical features:

  • Safety bolts
  • Multi-point locking system, compliant with protection class RC 2
  • 9-point locking system on the lock side
  • 3 anti-theft mechanisms on the hinge side
  • Security profile barrel with security card and 3 keys, closing on both sides
  • Protective cover, consisting of a push-button fixture and external security profile barrel rosette with core pull protection
  • Doorsill, plain aluminium, with concealed fixation cavity, thermally separated

Enhanced comfort thanks to automated elements

Automated elements increase convenience levels and ensure accessibility – be it for older occupants alrealdy living in the house, or as an investment for later in life. Systems are available that control the opening and closing of the front door automatically. Door communication systems can conveniently be connected with a smartphone and also operated remotely. The experts at HUF HAUS can advise you during the sampling process about the multiple options available. These can be viewed most clearly at the HUF Village with its six show homes, which give you the space to test the functions yourself. The traditional mode of entry by key is, of course, included in the range of options and continues to be available for clients.

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