Modern Floor Coverings – Beauty Wherever You Walk and Stand

The Perfect Floor Scenario for Your Feet!

What facts are important to know when it comes to high-quality, modern flooring and what are the trends in 2023?

Shoes off. Then with bare feet or socks walk over the tiles in the entrance hall, and then into the living room on the natural wood floor. Take the stairs up and stop briefly on the soft carpet in the bedroom. Is this the ideal floor scenario for your feet? Or something else? The flooring options, from colour, material, and forms are only limited by the imagination. What facts are important to know when it comes to high-quality flooring and what are the trends in 2023?


A High-Quality Floor Requires a High-Quality Substructure

A firm, high-quality substructure below the desired floor finishing is vitally important, especially for quality house construction. At HUF HAUS, a floating concrete screed is a standard detail of all our homes on both the ground floor and first floor. Through careful installation by our trained specialists, we exceed the highest standards for thermal insulation and soundproofing. Not only this, the underfloor heating, which is included in the basic price, is also installed to our exacting specifications.

The Entrance Area

The floor covering sets the tone for the room and helps define the overall style of the whole house. This makes professional planning all the more important so that later, when the furniture and accessories are added, the effect is a harmoniously unified picture. While appearance is important, functionality is essential, so the chosen flooring must also be practical for the area it is intended to cover.

This is especially true for the entrance area, typically a high traffic area where you take off shoes and jackets, or lay down packages, handbags, or even an umbrella. Extra-large tiles are ideal in this area as they are robust and easy to care for.

Wood lovers may prefer hard wood floors. With clever additions, like walk off mats for wet weather, a wooden floor is also an excellent choice for the entrance area. Tip: If you lay the entire ground floor with the same flooring material, like a hard wood flooring for example, you will achieve a sweepingly grand and harmoniously uniform look. Not only this, if you choose a wooden floor option, HUF HAUS can make your stairs out of a matching wood, further extending the harmony and generous uniformity.


Floor Coverings in the Kitchen, Living Room and Bedrooms

Tile, carpet or hard wood floor? No matter which material you use, you should always choose a high-quality product. And if you’re planning to install underfloor heating, you would be well advised to select a wooden flooring with a multi-layered structure. This will ensure that he wood retains its shape and stability. As it is a natural material it will help to ensure a noticeably pleasant environment. When selecting a wooden floor there are a number of elements to consider, for instance in addition to the type of wood, grain, structure and colour, there are also different wood processing techniques that can create special effects in the wood.  

Trendy Floors:

The wood type used for the wooden floors can also be used in the custom-made furniture. The uniform look creates a dramatic effect that flows seamlessly from floor to furnishings. Even kitchen cabinets can be made with the same wood so that this too blends in a seamless connection.

Whether you’re striving for a classic look, an innovative design, or an artistic statement, floor tiles are unbeatable for their durability and ease of maintenance. Using additional area rugs, pillows or curtains will help to style the room. Calibrated tiles have precise edges and a uniform format. The larger the format, the more demanding it is to lay the tiles.

As a HUF customer, you will benefit from the many years of experience of the MalerBodenArt experts who will undertake the painting and floor laying work in your half-timbered house. The company is one of the HUF Group companies. It operates independently and assists private and commercial clients with all their flooring needs.

If you’d like to feel something cosy underfoot, carpeting is the better choice and is popular in the bedroom or guest room. The stairs can also be covered with the same carpet, optically leading the way into the quieter areas of the house like the bedrooms and guest room. A family might choose long or short pile carpets, or natural, mixed or synthetic fibres depending on the function of the room and depending on whether a luxurious feeling or ease of maintenance is more important.


The Bathroom

Whether getting ready in the morning or settling down in the evening, when it comes to the bathroom design nothing is left to chance. With the highest quality appliances and an acute attention to detail, the functional room becomes a stylish living space suffused with light and colour. The perfect place for tiles of all shapes and sizes. The latest trend in tiles are over-large tiles, featuring room-height single tiles with the appearance of concrete, natural stone, or even marble. Laying the oversized tiles is difficult and best undertaken by trained specialists.

Trendy Colours:

While grey remains a popular choice, the trend towards warm tones and colours is growing both in tile hues and in the overall design of the bathroom.

Mosaics in the bathroom can create a distinctive look and set accents, especially when bright colours are used. In this case, the floor tiles should play a more reserved role, neutrally supporting whatever mosaic choice you may make. Ceramic or natural stone tiles can be particularly eye catching. To incorporate glass mosaics, MalerBodenART works with Bisazza, who are considered market leaders in this field. Their pallet spectrum ranges from ready-made options to glass mosaics that can be individually selected for specific colour proportions per square metre.


Trendy Wall Tiles:

How about an artistically printed pane of glass as your shower wall? Using photos, we can individually design this type of eye-catching focal point to bring personality and flair into your bathroom.

It is often difficult to choose the right flooring when you must base your choice on small tile samples or carpet samples. On a larger area the chosen tile, wood, carpet or stone can look very different, often creating an unexpected or even undesired atmosphere. This is why we recommend a visit to our HUF showhouse in London or, better yet, to our HUF village in Hartenfels, Germany. At our headquarters in Germany, you can visit six showhouses and let the many different styles inspire your creativity. For your own home, an experienced HUF consultant will advise you in the HUF village and in our design centre as you make individual design choices, advising on functionally appropriate materials that fit your personal style