HUF HAUS – The Next Generation

Family-run for a secure future

In the spring of 2021, after a quarter of a century heading the company, CEO Georg Huf shall be stepping down from the role of Managing Director and all its duties. He will entrust this revered role to a partnership of his son Benedikt Huf and nephew Christian Huf who follow their Fathers’, Grandfathers’, and Great Grandfathers’ footsteps navigating the successful operation of their company.

Sustainable Living signifies looking and working towards the future while learning from the past – the HUF HAUS’ interpretation of ‘future-proof’. This ethos is reflected in the HUF Family succession, as Benedikt Huf, 33, and Christian Huf, 32, represent the 4th Generation of Hufs to take over the operational duties as new Managing Directors.

Benedikt and Christian are fully committed to upholding the established values and principals of HUF HAUS, as they inherit almost 110 years of company traditions, experience and expertise. Embracing the trust vested in them, our new CEOs shall seek to deliver fresh perspectives and aspire to strengthen the HUF brand by expanding the portfolio and further developing the concept of green living.

Georg Huf will support and advise the new management team and handle specialist tasks within the company, benefitting the new partnership with his many years of invaluable and inspirational experience.

“The passing of this important role has been in transition for years. The Next Generation and I have worked together very closely for a long time, and most intensely in the past months, which has been wonderful! Such process must not be rushed - there is much to learn for this large and varied role, and experience must be gained first-hand. Working together highlighted the many attributes and capabilities of the Next Generation, and as I coached, I also learnt and have taken on valuable new perspectives and new ideas in the process. I am extremely proud to entrust our healthy and thriving company to my successors, wishing them every success and enjoyment within their new roles”.

Born and raised in Hartenfels, the birthplace of HUF HAUS, Georg entered the company as a Regional Sales Representative in 1981, exactly 40 years ago. With a career spanning four decades, its safe to say there is nothing he does not know about HUF HAUS. Georg Huf became the New Generation Managing Director himself, when he took the helm from his father Franz Huf in 1996. His extensive knowledge and enthusiasm have cemented the success of the family company - setting the course for expansion into foreign markets.

His personal involvement evolved HUF HAUS’ representation and effectiveness in the Global Marketplace, thus creating a platform to further develop the company group and brand. It was through his achievement that HUF HAUS and their Team of Merry Men now famously deliver the highest quality turnkey projects worldwide!

“We are looking forward to exciting times ahead! Our company is constantly expanding our portfolio with a broad spectrum of new living concepts and developments. Our clients’ needs must be at the forefront of our design development, and we work tirelessly to offer the absolute best, not only to meet but to exceed our clients’ wishes. HUF HAUS architecture evolves with the changes of time and tastes – building houses for individuals” states Christian Huf, the new HUF HAUS Head of Sales. Christian has been a board member of the Federal Association of German Prefabricated Buildings (BDF) for several years now, actively shaping the future within the industry.

"We are passionate about the Westerwald region, and most specifically Hartenfels, where our business began and has remained throughout its long history. Not only is it the home and birthplace of our business, but it is also the home of our own families and many HUF HAUS staff. Guests from across Europe come to visit the unique HUF HAUS Show Village in Hartenfels to experience the numerous show houses and our modern production facilities. We take great pleasure in welcoming and introducing our guests to what could become the beginning of their very own HUF HAUS story. As the Next Generation, we continue to invest in our home location; to promote and nurture healthy growth and offer a secure workplace for our employees,” adds Business Economist and future CEO Benedikt Huf, who lives in the heart of the HUF village with his family.

Christoph Schmidt, Head of Production, is also an integral part of the HUF HAUS Management Team. He has been with HUF HAUS for many years and is a member of the advisory board of the Quality Association of German Prefabricated Buildings (QDF). Christoph Schmidt will assist the new Management Team in implementing their plans and brings particular drive and commitment to the sustainability and energy efficiency of our homes.

HUF HAUS and their new Management are looking forward to building new and exciting projects in 2021 and beyond, to include the new compact house concept design (“Tiny House”), currently in development and soon to extend the impressive HUF HAUS portfolio. A new Show Home in Hamburg, Germany will open its doors to visitors this spring, and the greatly anticipated inauguration of a particularly ‘Smart Show House’ will join the fold this Autumn in Leipzig, Germany.