Moving a HUF house

From show house to holiday home

A whole house is moving? Yes, you heard right! Because the sustainable living concept of HUF HAUS takes into account the entire life cycle of a building, starting with the quality-conscious selection of materials, through production in the modern factory halls, to the dismantling and reconstruction of the timber frame house.

In this case, the journey went from Mannheim to Landau for the HUF house ART 3, which was built in 1996 in a house exhibition in Mannheim, Germany. The ebony-coloured dream house made of timber and glass served as a show house in the well-attended exhibition for over 20 years. In 2016 the property was to be newly built on - thus the opportunity arose for family Neuner to acquire the existing building.

"Originally we wanted to build a new one. We have already been to Mannheim several times, because we liked the floor plan of the house so much. When it was announced that the show house was for sale, the decision was quickly made," reports the Neuner family.

After all, the clear timber frame architecture of HUF HAUS with its generous glazing and characteristic design is still a timeless classic after more than 20 years and is the perfect shell for new and fresh design ideas.

The new owners followed the dismantling of the house and its transport to Landau-Godramstein, 60 km away, with great excitement - their HUF house was to be converted into a holiday home.

Arriving on the new property, the elements were reassembled, the team from ServiceART provided a fresh coat of paint outside and a fresh look inside the house. So the Neuner family decided on large-format tiles in a modern colour in the bathroom and also chose an easy-care and visually sophisticated tile covering instead of carpet on the second floor.

The former show house, which was renamed "Ferienhaus Lichtblick", has been shining in new splendour since autumn 2017. Since its opening, the first guests have already been able to enjoy the unique ambience of the house and look forward to holidays in the HUF house.

"All our previous guests are completely delighted", enthuses Elke Neuner. The modern holiday home made of timber and glass in the sunny Southern Palatinate is a real eye-catcher and can be booked, for example, via dream holiday apartments.

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