Wellness and life in your home

Relax in a private oasis

The term wellness originated in the year 1654 when Sir A. Johnson referred to his daughters’ great health as “wellness”.
Historically, wellness referred to being-well and one’s health, but in today’s language the word is used to encompass one’s physical, mental and emotional well-being.

So, how do we reach a state of well-being? Wellness is an individual and personal analysis with an equally individual approach to the treatment.

Traditional methods might include relaxation and stress relieving measures, but a general approach to good health concepts and lifestyle changes can be just as invigorating and restorative. Spas, health centres and thermal baths are just a few of the communal ways to achieve wellness. However, many prefer the privacy and sanctuary of their own home to improve personal well-being, away from the hustle of a crowd.

Relax in a private oasis

There are many advantages to designing your dream home- the most principle reason being that your own personal tastes and preferences forge the foundations of the new home and lifestyle you are creating. Areas of solace and wellness development are an absolute must.

Unwinding in your own tranquil bathroom with a good book and the view into a pleasant landscape may be sufficient to your relaxation needs, but perhaps the comforting heat of a sauna is your champion for rejuvenation and invigoration? An absolute classic is the delightful Finnish sauna where infused stones are heated to create high and energising temperatures.

Such areas of enjoyment can be introduced within the heart of the HUF Home or can be nestled outside to be at one with nature. A wood panelled sauna makes an attractive addition to your home, especially when harmoniously integrated into the architecture of our timber homes with their visible beams.

Steam baths and infrared cabins (where infrared beams create a natural feeling of warmth on the skin) are also available to enhance health. The generated heat relaxes muscles and eases away tensions – restoring balance and recharging energies.

When designing our modern premanufactured homes, spatial and technical preparations for such wellness facilities can be designed thoroughly in advance. With respective preparations, our particular design methods paired with precisely manufactured HUF HAUS walls allow for such additions to be introduced and cleanly and swiftly assembled on site at a later stage.

HUF Fact

UK HUF home owners are real bath tub lovers! 95 % of all Swiss HUF homes include bath tubs in many shapes and forms. Styles include free-standing, oval, or corner bath tubs as well as whirlpools, with the materials and textures selected by the client. In addition to traditional materials, wood and the mineral based Corian are also highly popular. At HUF HAUS we never underestimate the importance of appearance and individual selection – Wellness stands for all the senses!

 Bathing pleasures

The way we choose to relax and take a break from our everyday life is as individual as we are. For centuries baths and spas have been appreciated and acknowledged to have many therapeutic benefits. Integrating pools and whirlpools offers our clients the enjoyment of these many health and wellness benefits, all in the comfort of their own homes.

Pools and whirlpools can be designed as an indoor or outdoor feature. Integrated into an indoor spa or positioned into the landscape of the garden, the possibilities are endless. Special massage jets, currents and waterfalls add to an even greater experience, perfectly tailored to meet the individual needs and preferences of the client.

Nothing can stop great wellness design installations and pleasures by using the right experts.

No chemicals please!

Daniel Müller, a HUF home owner and nature lover from Switzerland demonstrates how well-being can be implemented naturally by building a natural pool.

Daniel explains:
“All year round, a pump circulates the water and filters it through a 54ft² limestone filter; limestone is used because our water here in Tessin is very ‘soft’ (deficient in lime). We even have to add some lime and nutrients for the water plants weekly to assure the correct balance for cleansing the bacteria in the filter and plant area. Needless to say that during summer, more algae grows than in chemical pools due to higher water temperatures but they are brushed off and filtered by our cleaning robot. Additionally, we help cleaning – we see it as a kind of water gymnastics.

Any additional costs caused by mechanical cleaning processes are covered by the elimination of any costs for chemicals, the annual procedure of putting it into and taking it out of operation, covers, etc. However, the enlarged biodiversity is a year-round value added for us.”

Wellness as a philosophy

Aspects such as physical feeling, emotional balance and mental well-being are important to consider when studying wellness in the philosophical sense.

While incorporating wellness as a way of life, one ought to pay special attention to home life and work environment as these areas have an enormous impact on our individual well-being. Light and bright areas enhance our emotional equilibrium and are a reflection of an uplifting and enlightening state of mind.

Wellness must become part of our everyday routine, not a break from it!

So what could be more desirable than feeling entirely comfortable at home? HUF HAUS owners adore their post and beam homes, and how the glass architecture allows them to live in the heart of nature with all its impressive visual angles. Therefore, you may not be surprised to learn that our architecture is associated with a feeling of freedom and pure joy!

Family Lawson about their house:

“Even though we are not Buddhists, we love the philosophy and everyone who enters our home gets a feeling of freedom and clarity. This feeling becomes particularly strong when passing under our entrance archway, which was masterly manufactured by the HUF team. After having visited and talked to several companies in the UK, I do not believe that we could have achieved better results with any other company than HUF.”

 Our clients will confirm that living within the HUF HAUS architecture creates feelings of wellness and peace. Maximizing natural light with floor to ceiling glazing and open plan spaces allow for a constant sense of improved well-being and health. Although this statement is not based on statistics it is certainly verified by our HUF HAUS owners.

These HUF clients have much praise for their home: “We love coming home, even after amazing vacations. Your heart fills with joy and you get that great feeling of arriving at home. Our house literally puts smiles on our faces.”

Enjoy some time for yourself and practise your own wellness by visiting our show house in London for a break from everyday life!