Building a timber-framed house with HUF HAUS

Passion in wood

Would you like to realise your dream home and build a timber-framed house? Then we share the same passion: love and respect for our nature.

This attitude is expressed superficially through the use of the healthy, sustainable raw material wood and continues in the open, generous floor plan design, which incorporates the surrounding nature into daily life.

Building a new timber-framed house - the choice of this architectural classic is not only a decision for an efficient house, it is rather a statement for a sophisticated and conscious way of life.

Building a new timber-framed house with experience

What the HUF House from 1972 and the HUF House from today have in common can be seen at first glance: the characteristic half-timbered architecture has always characterised the appearance of this design classic and gives the house its impressive appearance. Not quite so obvious are the technical and constructive details that have been developed over the past decades for the modern architectural house: Behind and also in the beautiful facade there are highly complex technical solutions, which provide for your living comfort.

These include, for example, effective thermal insulation, which turns every HUF house into an efficiency house, or the harmonious and almost invisible integration of smart building technology, which makes it possible to control light, blinds, music, alarm systems and heating. Here, too, parallels can be found with the company's history, because today, as then, the credo of precision craftsmanship and the highest understanding of quality applies. This is why all parts of your HUF house are manufactured in the company's own production facility in Hartenfels, Germany.

A team of specialists will then go to work on the construction site, and they will be ready for the  HUF Group of Companies and are very familiar with the intricacies of half-timbered architecture. No matter whether you want to build a half-timbered house in Lower Saxony, Bavaria or Berlin - you can rely on the perfection of craftsmanship by trained specialists!

Interior Construction of your timber-framed house

The interior construction of your timber-framed house takes about ten to twelve weeks, depending on the size of the house. During the fit-out in Hartenfels, Germany you can give free rein to your creativity beforehand. Six exclusive show houses will help you find the perfect interior for your HUF house. Should it be, for example, the parquet in oak or the elegant, large-format tile?

Of course, HUF consultants will support you in the selection process. The choice of furniture is particularly exciting. Often the kitchen is the centre of the house; countless possibilities of design and equipment are offered. The StilART Team a company of the HUF Group, creates your individual dream kitchen as a unique specimen, exclusively and individually tailored to your half-timbered house.

Anyone who attaches more importance to a walk-in wardrobe, on the other hand, benefits from precisely fitting wardrobes and sophisticated solutions, even in rooms with sloping ceilings.

Building a timber-framed house - costs at a glance

The construction of a prefabricated timber-framed house has many advantages, including planning security and a fixed price guarantee. Thanks to the detailed planning, you know exactly what costs you will incur.

You will find out the price for your individual timber-framed house in a personal conversation with your specialist advisor - because this is the only way we can work out a serious budget for you that is tailored to your property and life situation.
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Building a timber-framed house - we look forward to the joint planning of your dream house!