MODUM 10 sample 1

Architecture with a
hospitable flair

The story behind the house

An immediately striking feature of Claude and Malous’ Home is that the entrance is on the eaves side giving the timber house a particularly streamlined silhouette. The pathway to the door is edged with flowers and bushes in beautiful shades of vibrant turquoise. Not only does this offer a very warm welcome, it is the first indication of the Homes interior colours that await your visit.

Shared values

"A contributing factor in our decision to go with HUF HAUS as a build partner was down to our similarity in Family business roots and ethos. We too have family company in its third generation and our children now are actively involved in the running and workings of the business.... the fourth generation so to speak", as a result the Family feel a true sense of solidarity with the Family founded HUF HAUS and relate to a similar philosophy.

More details about the house

House type


Living area, ground floor

153,99 m²

Living area, first floor

132,53 m²

House footprint

177,61 m²


Heat pump

Building automation



Wellness oasis


12,50 m x 13,70 m + alcove

Relax indoors and outdoors

The upper floor hosts four bedrooms and two bathrooms, all designed to suit the functional and specific needs of the Family. For the Lady of the house, a bath was top on the priority list while her husband set his sights firmly on a sauna with views of the great outdoors.

A swim and spa area in the garden featuring a counter-current system and massage jets means wellbeing is maintained and developed while healthy exercise is guaranteed. As the couple enjoy these activities, they can peacefully unwind while soaking up the wonderful view of their Home.

"We worked on the garden design together and were very hands on…We couldn't be happier with our private green oasis", concludes the family.


Floor plans

Ground floor

First floor



HUF house MODUM 10

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