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Finding the right plot can be very difficult, particularly near cities. Those who would like to live in an urban environment and are lucky enough to have found a piece of land in a sought-after location are reluctant to give it up once their home is standing on it. But what happens when living circumstances suddenly change and more living space is required?

Roof extensions are an attractive solution for families who want to convert their roof into a "vacant lot" at a lofty height.

More details about the house

House: Penthouse extension
additional living area: 56 m²
Roof pitch: flat roof
Balcony: 43 m²
Features: View across water
Features: Existing brick building

Bespoke loft conversion

Premium Quality

Together with the ServiceART experts of HUF HAUS, an impressive post-and-beam building was created in the shape of a penthouse extension with an area of 56 square metres and an additional roof terrace (designed as a walking deck that wraps around the house) of 43 square metres. The filigree timber and glass construction sits perfectly on top of the white existing building, which majestically opens onto the water. Through the new glass façade, the view can sweep over the jetty and, in good weather, even as far as Mannheim Castle.

The owner sums up:

Thanks to the visualisations, we knew in advance that the HUF House extension to our building would be a (visual eye-catcher) real head-turner. Experiencing the disassembly of the existing roof and then the assembly of the new roof construction was another highlight. You have to bear in mind that we continued to live in the house the whole time - open-heart surgery, so to speak. There was no room for things to go wrong! The HUF team did an excellent job and everyone was conscientious, reliable as well as highly motivated

Floor plan

Penthouse Extension

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