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You would like to build a semi-detached house? A life in harmony with nature and nevertheless door to door with the family or the desired neighbours? Then HUF HAUS is the right partner for you. Because the apparently contradictory attributes - together and yet privately - unite in the HUF HAUS semi-detached houses in a special way. The open and transparent timbered architecture provides an extraordinary living ambience and a generous floor plan without revealing too much.

Social gatherings among the residents are not uncommon, as the neighbour is only a stone's throw away. Thanks to the variability of HUF's architecture and creativity, building owners have a lot of freedom when it comes to building a prefab semi-detached house. As the builder, you decide for yourself how the semi detached house plan of your timbered house should look, taking into account the building regulations.

Living and living together - under this motto HUF HAUS plans and builds your dream of a house. The individual architect houses fascinate with natural materials, perfect construction and imaginative design. All rooms convince by generous glass fronts, which bring an impressive light abundance and aesthetic transparency to the fore.

In addition to the architectural finesse, the construction of a semi-detached house also brings cost savings. For example, when buying the property or with the ancillary costs, which - depending on the constellation - can be distributed over several shoulders.

Building a semi-detached house - your way to double happiness

Building a semi-detached house - your way to double happiness

What does a prefab semi-detached house from HUF HAUS look like? Semi-detached houses in striking timbered architecture made of wood and glass are the absolute opposite of monotonous terraced housing estates. Owners, whether neighbours or family members, can individually contribute to the planning and build and design their own semi-detached house as they wish. Each half of the house has its own entrance area, the floor plans can be mirrored or individually adapted. In the outdoor area, the owners themselves decide whether the terrace should be open to the living area and the neighbours or whether it should be a separate area for each party to ensure more privacy.

Both semi-detached houses have one thing in common: the surrounding skylight level provides all rooms with healthy daylight; nature is part of the new feeling of living.

In order to be inspired, it is best to start with a first visit to one of our show houses near you and a non-binding, personal conversation with your sales consultant. After completing a planning assignment, you can start your journey to your own HUF semi-detached house. Together with an experienced architect, we will visit your property and design an architecturally cunning floor plan. As soon as the purchase contract has been concluded, your dream of your own prefabricated semi-detached house will come true. You will be invited to the company headquarters in Hartenfels to determine the details, the sampling. Now HUF HAUS starts the internal planning to build your architect's house as a semi-detached house. Soon you will be able to move into your new realm and revive. Even after the warranty period, the HUF team is always there for you as your usual contact - a HUF house for life!

Prefabricated semi-detached house - stable in value and flexible

Prefabricated semi-detached house - stable in value and flexible

HUF HAUS proves that even where land is very expensive, a semi-detached house can be realised very well. Whether as a multi-generation house with clear divisions or as a classic town house - HUF HAUS plans and implements real estate projects not only for private individuals, but also for investors who rely on long-term investments. 

Numerous completed projects prove that HUF HAUS' innovative and modern half-timbered architecture is also perfect for demanding tenants! Why? HUF HAUS offers robust quality combined with high-class sound insulation inside and out. The principle of HUF HAUS' wooden skeleton construction enables flexible construction with almost no restrictions or compromises. With variable floor plans, different dimensions and very personal equipment, nothing stands in the way of your prefabricated double house.

See for yourself! The HUF team is already waiting for you in one of the numerous show houses or directly in our HUF village in the company headquarters in Hartenfels to realize your semi-detached house.