Terrace house

Why not join forces with friends or family and build several houses together? The advantage, of course, is the synergy and enormous savings in time and money. Especially if it is a group of clients, you can save a lot of resources by building a terraced house.


Did you know?

There's a saying that you can't pick your neighbors. If you are building a terrace house, however, this is not the case. Why not join forces with friends or family and build several houses together? The advantage, of course, is the synergy and enormous savings in time and money. Especially if it is a group of clients, you can save a lot of resources by building a terraced house.

At HUF HAUS you can rely on us to give each individual terraced house its individual character. Quality, sustainability and longevity also have top priority for all houses. Each HUF HAUS house is certified with "Gold" according to the strict standards of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) and corresponds to the classification as KfW - Efficiency House 55.

Buy or build a terrace house?

If you are faced with the decision to buy a terraced house or prefer to build one yourself, we would like to give you some advantages that can help you in your decision.

Every HUF HAUS terraced house is designed as an architect's house and individually planned. This gives you absolute design freedom and allows your wishes and needs to flow optimally into the floor plan. Especially if you want to build a house with a long-term perspective into old age, you can create barrier-free access right from the start and do not have to have it installed later for a lot of money.

Another aspect is the quality of your home. Timbered houses are a classic of building, which HUF HAUS has geared to the requirements of the 21st century with perfection in craftsmanship and innovative construction, manufacturing and technology.

The results are attractive terraced houses that capture daylight, create cosy rooms and guarantee a healthy living climate. This is ensured by the building material timber, which regulates the climate and thus promotes comfortable living. In addition, timber is economical, which is reflected in its longevity and stable value, as well as ecological. Because it is a renewable raw material that makes an important contribution to environmental protection.

Maximum attention is paid to the sound insulation of the individual objects, because the privacy of the individual residential parties should come first. The entire sanitary installation, for example, is located in separate installation walls and shafts that are arranged in front of the wall construction in a soundproof manner.

If you are still unsure whether you would rather buy or build, you are welcome to clarify your questions in a first non-binding discussion with us. We are also happy to provide you with information material by post. Alternatively, you can also receive our catalogues and brochures in digital form as PDF files for download or by e-mail - just as you wish.

We build turnkey - From floor plan to handing over the house everything from one source

With HUF HAUS you can build your individual terraced house completely relaxed and turnkey. Our experience of more than 108 years in the construction industry and working with proven prefabricated construction methods speak for themselves. The advantage of the prefabricated construction method is that we noticeably shorten the construction time and work directly with prefabricated construction elements in our factory. This eliminates drying times and your terraced house is ready for occupancy much faster.

Building with HUF HAUS also means that you receive a turnkey house that includes the complete interior finishing. For decades, specialists in the various trades have been working hand in hand at HUF HAUS and are united under the umbrella of a uniform group of companies. You receive your HUF house from a single source and can look forward to a competent contact for all your needs.

Efficient building of terraced houses as prefabricated houses

Another central aspect is the efficiency and energy balance of your terraced house.

Every HUF house shown in the current HUF brochures already corresponds to the energy efficiency of your terraced house in

its basic equipment of the KfW classification Efficiency House 55 - at no extra charge!

On request, each new HUF house can also be supplied as an Efficient House 40 or Efficient House 40 Plus.

can be built. How does that work? Convince yourself of the craftsmanship perfection of the timbered houses on site. During a production tour you can see for yourself the high quality of the individual building materials. When planning your individual terraced house, all requirements of the Energy Saving Act are taken into account.

and supports the timeless modern look as the hallmark of the unique HUF architecture. Furthermore, even the basic equipment includes the latest heat pump technology. With this technology, part of the energy generated from the environment can be collected and used economically as heat for heating or hot water preparation. The most productive and cleanest natural energy is solar energy, which is stored in the ground, in groundwater and in the air. With the use of intelligent heat pump technology, this energy is used effectively in your HUF house. In our HUF village in Hartenfels all these aspects can be visited under expert guidance. We invite you to visit us and let us find out together how we can help you. Your terraced house is waiting for you!