HUF house with flat roof

Clean lines. Clean design.

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HUF house with flat roof

Clean lines. Clean design.

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HUF house with flat roof

Clean lines. Clean design.

The allure of a flat roof

Choosing your future home is a major commitment and a decision that is not taken lightly. After all, your home is your most intimate living space, which you will share with the most important people in your life for many years.

This means that factors such as quality, comfort and function are just as important as atmosphere, aesthetics and a sense of space. All of these factors need to be just right if your personal well-being is to thrive in the long term.

Consider very carefully, then, which of the two HUF HAUS product lines best suits you, your family and your future lifestyle:

HUF house MODUM the new individuality in a flexible system.
The intelligent modular system of this newly developed timber-frame architecture enables spatial planning with a diversity that is virtually unparalleled.

HUF house ART – the individual architecture house.

The multiple-award-winning, constantly evolving and yet timeless architectural classic provides extremely individual and sophisticated living space in close symbiosis with the natural surroundings

Flat roof houses

Give every day the chance to become the most beautiful day of your life. – Follow this call to a better life, as formulated by Mark Twain, and you will constantly discover life’s hidden moments of joy.

Returning home is one such moment: after a journey, a successful day at work, playing sports or an evening with friends. Each of these moments holds its own special magic.

What a pleasure it is, then, to call a HUF house ART 3 your own, one that radiates an exceptional blend of joy, pride and security that will last a lifetime...


HUF houses with flat root

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