Luxury homes for sale

It is not just the expert craftsmanship and attention to detail that makes HUF houses luxury homes. It is more than the stunning architecture and the deft manipulation of space. It even goes beyond the technical superiority of every HUF house with its environmental sustainability as standard and its integrated smart house capabilities. These things all contribute to lifting the HUF house into a class by itself, but it is the intangible feeling of stepping into a luxury HUF house for the first time that truly sets it apart.

When you walk into a luxury beach house, single-family house or a luxury waterfront home designed by HUF, you know immediately and instinctively that this house is special. The features you can see, like the spacious rooms and floor to ceiling glazings, combine with the features you cannot see, like the floating concrete screed floor insulations and the triple glazed, draft-free, enhanced windows. What you feel when you walk into one of those luxury homes for sale is that the house is more than the sum of its parts. This is the real luxury of the HUF house. The ability to be more than its identifiable, describable parts.

Luxury house plans

We believe luxury should mean more than an exclusive living standard, peppered with the latest gadgets.  At HUF HAUS, we consciously chose high-quality building materials as well as healthy living materials. That means sustainably sourced wood and a renewable energy heat source as standard.  A true luxury house goes much deeper than the stylish surface that you see.

With HUF HAUS, the luxury experience begins at the planning stage. We listen to you and create a house that is right for you. And then, all along the way, we tailor it to your needs. Your wishes are our focus! 

Whether you want a lavish chalet with saunas and an indoor pool, or a tranquil family home on a tricky plot, the HUF experts do their utmost to help you live your dream or to find your luxury property for sale in London for example.

The true luxury of a luxury house in UK

Is it the rooftop terrace with mountain views that make a house a luxury home, or maybe a gym that opens up into the forest? 

Luxury can be many things, but above all it should express itself in a superior quality of life.

Come experience the unique feeling of being in luxury prefab homes made of wood and glass, which clients have described as ‘life-changing.’ Feel the true luxury of our transparent, post and beam architecture with undisturbed views of nature and communicative open floor plans, underscored by the impeccable craftsmanship in every detail. 

For clients who chose it, the experience of luxury can be augmented by incorporating the high-quality furniture from HUF HAUS's own furniture factory, or technical elements like integrated music throughout the house.

We invite you to visit us at our UK show house in Surrey, England to see for yourself what buying a luxury home can mean.