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Welcome to HUF HAUS London


HUF HAUS is a family run business with a long tradition of excellence, it is now led by the third generation of the Huf family and celebrated its 100th year Anniversary in 2012.

The concept of traditional post and beam has now been developed further into the unrivalled state-of-the-art, luxurious, open plan designs incorporating the floor to ceiling glass walls that we see today. The combination of timber and glass creates elegant, clean lines that originate from the famous Bauhaus architectural tradition and brings the surrounding nature into the living experience.

The HUF HAUS philosophy, where a luxury lifestyle and eco-friendly living should not be mutually exclusive, has led the company to continually refine their designs to be more energy efficient while retaining and improving aesthetic quality. The company produces a limited number of houses each year, around 150, which gives the concept an exclusive edge.

In addition to a bespoke design and construction, HUF HAUS clients have access to a wide range of interlinked services including basement construction, interior fittings, furnishings, landscape and garden design and also help in the choice of sustainable technologies. HUF HAUS owners benefit from many years of experience in creating the perfect home.

Over the last decade HUF HAUS in the UK has gone from strength to strength, having built over 200 houses in some of the most stunning locations. HUF HAUS has received many awards and commendations for its contemporary design and architecture, and its determination to become the market leader in green construction.