Building a house
- turnkey please!

The HUF clients have a highly individual taste - and yet they all have one thing in common: the desire to build a turnkey house.

If you include HUF HAUS in your considerations about house building, you will not only find a turnkey timber house in characteristic timber-framed architecture: Behind the single-family house made of timber and glass there is much more than you might think at first glance. The construction, which has been perfected over decades, accommodates among other things the highly complex technology that makes every HUF house a smart home - and that, so to speak, invisibly behind the scenes.

The harmonious combination of technology and architecture is only possible in a turnkey house, because the different trades interlock and must therefore work reliably hand in hand.

So everyone who is thinking about building a house - turnkey, of course - should have a reliable partner at his side.

At HUF HAUS, you can rely on a long-standing partner who will always be at your side, from the beginning of the planning phase to well beyond the move-in period.

Building a turnkey house - Prices

The price for a turnkey HUF house is dependent on a range of factors, such as the nature of the particular site and its location and the snow and wind load.

The basic house price includes many high-quality equipment features that are a basic feature of HUF HAUS turnkey houses.
Everyone who wants to have a town house or an apartment buidling for example (on a turnkey basis) benefits from the same top-quality furnishing highlights.

No matter which house you decide on, our timber-frame houses all share high standards of quality and sustainability combined with unique design appeal.

Building a timber turnkey house

Why is it advisable to build a turnkey wooden house or to have a single-family house built turnkey? There are many advantages to building ready for occupancy, first of all, building your own home is a far-reaching decision that will last for many years.

The financial aspect also underlines the importance of the project. HUF HAUS is a family business that has been working with wood as a raw material for over 105 years, has built up immense knowledge and is constantly developing it further.

Advantages of turnkey construction at HUF HAUS at a glance:

 Architect and engineering services included

  • binding calculation with fixed price guarantee
  • all services from one source
  • bundled expert knowledge with the HUF group of companies
  • high-quality equipment
  • Coordination of all appointments within the HUF group of companies
  • Compliance with deadlines and quality control
  • Move into a HUF house ready for occupancy after joint handover

Compare the services, because the term "turnkey" does not have a legally defined range of services! At HUF HAUS, you can find out quite transparently what belongs to your HUF house that is waiting for you to move in!

To the performance overview...

Let us build your turnkey home!

The emphasis for HUF HAUS is on "letting go", because you can fully rely on the family business from the Westerwald at any time and in every stage of your construction process. For you as the building owner, the turnkey offer simply means that you can look forward to your dream home in a relaxed atmosphere.

So the best way to build a turnkey house is with HUF HAUS - the European market leader for modern half-timbered houses made of wood and glass.