Modern house modern floor plan

Each HUF House is an individually designed architect's house with modern floor plans, which is adapted and planned to the land conditions, the climatic conditions, but above all to the wishes of the owner.

The floor plans are designed according to minimalist principles, human dimensions, clear lines, high-quality materials, craftsmanship and meticulous workmanship. Thanks to the variability of HUF's architecture and the creativity of its competent architects, the owner has a lot of freedom to design his own modern house floor plan. As the client, you decide for yourself how your floor plan should look, taking into account the building regulations.

The centrepiece is a spatial experience that focuses on open living culture and at the same time offers homely retreat zones into private life. The clarity, straightforwardness and expressiveness of the architecture form the basis of a modern house floor plan.

Modern bathroom floor plans - your own wellness oasis

Fresh and fit for the day. Retreat zone in these hectic "modern times" to switch off, relax and refuel. A bathroom can be more than just a "wet room". Your HUF house offers the generous space for it. Now it depends on how you design your bathroom floor plan in a modern way.

Maybe with a freestanding bathtub? Or a rainforest shower? Let your wishes run free. There are no limits to your ideas. Or do you even turn your bathroom into a wellness temple, a place of leisure for body and soul? The HUF architects have brilliant ideas for realising your bathroom with modern floor plans. In timeless aesthetics. Perfectly executed. With love for many practical as well as beautiful details. Bathing pleasure at its best. Let yourself be guided by our examples and the other.

Multi-family and terraced house layouts are modern and flexible

The fact that HUF HAUS' innovative half-timbered architecture is also suitable for modern terraced house floor plans and is also suitable for multi-family houses, are proven by numerous realized objects. The robust quality, combined with excellent sound insulation inside and out, makes the properties a special magnet for demanding and solvent tenants. apartment buildings from two to 40 parties, modern terraced house layouts - always a welcome challenge thanks to our many years of experience in the implementation of special buildings.

Simply contact your local consultant and find out everything you need to know about modern multi-family house layouts made of wood and glass! The HUF team is already waiting for you in one of the numerous show houses or directly in our HUF village in the company headquarters in Hartenfels to realize your projects. We are looking forward to seeing you!

Your way to a modern house floor plan

For all those who are involved in the planning, development, production or the production of HUF HAUS, the construction of a house we are pushing quality to the limits of what is technically feasible and always try to be a step ahead of our customers' high expectations. Only with this attitude could HUF HAUS become the benchmark and role model for the industry and successfully establish itself internationally. In the planning and consultation phase, your modern house floor plan is designed taking into account your wishes, the location and condition of the property and the applicable building regulations. It is precisely for this reason that teamwork begins as early as the consulting and planning phase.

It continues with production planning, production, assembly and equipment. A team of specialists goes to work at every point, bringing in an additional characteristic: Enthusiasm for the fascinating product HUF Haus and for every work that is not finished until our clients are also enthusiastic and satisfied. Right from the start, you will be looked after by an experienced HUF employee and supported in all areas until the perfect floor plan is ready for you.

This does not end after the handing over of the house, a HUF team is also available afterwards for all your questions, wishes and changes. Planning and building with HUF HAUS means - making dreams come true individually. The architects at HUF HAUS consider it particularly important to work with you to realise modern floor plans that are tailored to your needs.