Individual floor plans for prefabricated houses

An off-the-shelf prefabricated house floor plan? If you plan and build with the specialist for timber-framed buildings, the floor plan for your personal single-family house will be made to measure for you by experienced architects.
For this purpose, the property situation is closely examined in advance.

Whether a narrow floor plan with several storeys or a spacious bungalow floor plan, the possibilities are almost endless. Let yourself be inspired by the suggestions in the large dream house overview - here you will find, sorted by square metres, many different building projects that HUF HAUS has realised in recent years.

The best prefabricated house layouts for single-family homes

So how do you find the perfect floor plan for your future home? You will find the best floor plan for your timber-framed house in close consultation with the HUF architects, who plan each HUF house individually with great attention to detail. Of course, the floor plan will be adapted to the site conditions in the best possible way so that the area of the property that can be built on as well as the boundary and distance requirements can be optimally utilised. Even on compact properties, light-flooded living spaces with open floor plans can be realised.

Take a look at the large dream house gallery and discover the different floor plans of HUF clients from all over the world. Perhaps there is already a living space division that you can imagine for your own floor plan planning?

Or you can order the complete HUF Compendium with a variety of floor plan brochures.

Tips for your prefabricated house floor plan

Alexander Huf, Master of Science Architecture, has already planned many projects for HUF HAUS and is convinced that the harmonious integration of technical components must also be taken into account when planning the floor plan:

"When planning the floor plans for our HUF houses, the areas of technology, energy efficiency and architecture are not considered separately - the innovative technical components are harmoniously integrated into the construction and form a natural unit with the house.

Michael Baumann, member of the HUF HAUS management board, reports: "Living in harmony with nature - that is the focus of HUF architecture. It is precisely this philosophy that unites the HUF Haus residents. The floor plans are planned in such a way that the surrounding nature is always part of the living space."

Anyone who has made friends with the idea of a bungalow floor plan should consider the right roof shape. If you want to build a bungalow, you should also consider the shape of the roof at an early stage of the planning process. Flat roof lovers, for example, benefit from a more flexible floor plan design, since no orientation is dictated by the roof." Alexander Huf, Master of Science Architecture

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More than just square metres - clever floor plan planning

At HUF HAUS, the floor plans for the luxury prefabricated houses are no standard plans, because our customers have individual demands on their future living space. The floor plan planning will be elaborated for each client. When it comes to the house for the third phase of life, for example a modern bungalow, living space for nursing staff must also be carefully planned.

If it is a compact town house with several storeys, it means to use living space particularly efficiently and still create private spaces for each family member. Generous floor plans with glass facades must blend harmoniously into the property without appearing obtrusive. Houses on slopes, for example, benefit from a floor plan with Beletage and beautiful views from afar.

The number of square metres results from the first discussions with the competent architects from HUF HAUS, who will draw the floor plan together with you and develop it further until your wishes have been implemented in the best possible way.

You will see in these project examples that compact and particularly generous layouts are equally convincing.