King of the Castle

Set on an elevated plot of 3 acres, Kingswood stands majestic in its situation - enjoying breath-taking, panoramic views over the vast land and seascape of Tenby and Carmarthen Bay. Stay at a Luxury HUF Holiday Home!

Focus on colour

The history of the green color of HUF HAUS

Evolution of the HUF Fleet

Even though over time the cars of the HUF fleet have changed a lot, one thing has always remained the same - the color green. However, until the distinctive shade of green was created, there were some discussions in the advertising meeting and it was decided to examine a car in RAL 6018 on a trial basis.

Franz Huf:

"The day came, the car rolled into the yard, and the company was upside down. What was actually the job of the advertising department had turned into a political issue. Half the office stood outside, my wife - always present on important occasions - also said, "No, never. I'm not driving that car.

I liked it, and so I decided, against the resistance of all the Hufs, that over the course of two years all company cars would have to drive along Germany's roads as "poison green" landmarks."