Bauhaus Style

The two-story flat-roof building opens to the garden side and reveals its dreamlike effect: Please take a seat! The perfect spot to enjoy a summer evening with friends and family.

The Green Team

Comprising of six subsidiaries, the HUF Group has become a well-established collective who deliver only the highest quality in each of their respective trades.



With five subsidiaries the HUF group is able to provide the entire range of services required. From the design of a house to the handover of a turn-key home, we ensure the highest level of quality for all trades. Each individual company specialises in its own particular field and are experts in the special requirements of our architecture. Working to an exact time schedule all processes are seamlessly coordinated and organised in a clear and transparentmanner.

100 % HUF HAUS - The HUF Group worked together on this wonderful HUF house ART 4

  • The IDEAL BETON concrete construction method guarantees full use of the basement even on challenging sites, like in this project
  • The internal and external painting work, and premium materials such as ceramic and natural stone tiles have been executed by MalerBodenART
  • The experienced landscape architects of GartenART create a stylish natural idyll, in this project with terrace levels
  • Effective room staging with the introduction of unique lighting concepts and custom-made furniture done by StilART
  • Exceptional comfort and energy efficiency delivered by innovative heating methods from redblue energy

HUF Group