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With over 300 square meters of living space on three floors, the tailor-made HUF house offers generous space for the family of five, who particularly enjoy spending time in the custom StilART kitchen.

Healthy and sustainable

Excerpt from the HUF employee newspaper from 1985

In his editorial of the 1985 edition of the HUF HAUS News Magazine, Franz Huf emphasizes that biology in construction is the basis for the production of HUF houses and must be given a great deal of attention; especially as the company had been a member of the German Association of Prefabricated Houses in Hamburg since the founding of the Construction Biology Committee. The newspaper also reports on how energy efficient the HUF houses are. This has remained the case to this day.

... and today?

Living Health in detail

  • All HUF houses have been awarded by the German Sustainable Building Council
  • Quality assurance during construction by qualified HUF Employees and independent experts.
  • Only emission-tested building materials are used for all interior finishing trades.
  • We have the following requirements regarding the pollutant emission behavior of building materials: emission-tested according to AgBB, exclusion of hazardous substances, Tox Proof, Eurofins, Blue Angel.
  • The client receives a list of building materials with all emission-tested products relevant to the interior for the house he has commissioned.
  • Indoor air measurements in the houses are checked for the following criteria: VOC, formaldehyde
  • E-smog is taken into account in the planning on request, e.g. by: Shielded design of the electrical installation Shielding against E-smog from outside (high voltage, mobile radio).

DGNB Test criteria

  • Pollutant-free building products
  • Healthy indoor air
  • Light and lighting comfort
  • Room acoustics and sound insulation
  • Control comfort
  • Floor plan quality
  • Accessibility
  • Energy efficiency
  • CO2 balance
  • Recyclability
  • Burglar resistance
  •  Protection against weathering
  • Fire protection

Christoph Schmidt, Managing Director of HUF HAUS

For us, healthy living is not a trend or a current debate - healthy living is part of our self-image and is also taken for granted by our customers.

Eco-friendly building materials, for example, to guarantee pollutant-free indoor air, are not an optional 'extra service' that you have to add on. For decades, they have been used without saying. In the same way the use of resource-conserving and sustainable heating systems has been a given.

All components are manufactured according to the strictest sustainability criteria - a large proportion of them comes directly from the region. This guarantees short transport distances and saves CO2. Every HUF house that leaves the factory in the Westerwald is awarded the Golden and, if desired, the Platinum Badge of the German Council for Sustainable Construction.