Vision in white

The white post-and-beam construction, embedded in a dream-like garden landscape with a pool oasis, frames the stylish interior with a comfortable mix of wood and glass.

Bringing your creation to life

The design of a home begins with in-depth brainstorming between a HUF architect and the client, covering vital criteria such as: what lifestyle ideals do the new owners envisage? Which requirements should the new house satisfy? How does the family relax and unwind? Which spaces are communal, and which are to provide solace? Once these criteria are established the HUF architect can proceed with the design draft of your house.

What will the house look like later on the property? Thanks to the latest technology, future HUF House owners can already see their individual post-and-beam house during the planning phase. 


Hand sketch and first draft of the planned house

3D Visualisation HUF house ART 4 Leipzig
(plot size approx. 500 m²)

HUF house ART 4 Leipzig after handover                                                                     

The nature of the building site determines foundations and design of the house, paired with client wishes and expectations. Which plot characteristics and factors should be considered in the design? Is the plot compact and urban or of a generous size and are the boundary lines straight or angled? What is the impact from the surroundings and neighbouring buildings? Is the plot secluded? Where should glazing be used and where is privacy required?

Architect Alexander Huf

Whether the plot is large or small, the architecture of our homes is flexible and there are many design options to fit the respective lot. In fact, I'm currently designing a whole series of properties on less than 400 square meters. That requires planning skill, every centimeter counts.

What helps immensely here is our special wall construction with clerestory glazing. The additional windows give the room a lot of light and you don't have the feeling of being in an enclosed space. The smaller the room, the more important transparent architecture becomes.

Garden design is also part of the living concept because green outdoor space is part of the lifestyle in our open architecture - no matter how big the house or the surrounding area is.

With our 3D planning technology, we can simulate how it would feel for you to sit on the couch and what views you would have, or what the panorama would be like when you wake up in bed. We can show the neighbor’s perspective on the house, or the other way around.

Visualisation Atrium House

Visualisation client project