Prefabricated villa made of wood and glass

What a prefab villa must look like? That lies, as so often, in the eye of the beholder. Nevertheless, certain attributes are automatically associated with the term villa or urban villa: park-like plots that surround the house, generously proportioned living spaces with wide deck openings and exclusive furnishings with style.

Combining these advantages with the positive characteristics of the prefabricated construction results in a house with an exclusive villa character, which convinces by its impressive exterior and the high quality of the construction.

Exclusive Connection - Prefabricated House & Villa

If you take a closer look at the advantages of the noble architectural style and the type of construction, you will soon see that the two are an excellent combination. An urban villa as a prefabricated house combines noble and timeless design with high-quality, building-biologically impeccable materials.

But there are other features that should be of particular interest to working clients. In addition to the fixed price guarantee for your HUF house with villa character, the fast construction time certainly also plays an important role. Depending on the size of the house, the construction of the house only takes one to two weeks. This is followed by the interior work.

Which garden is suitable for a villa?

While you are planning your half-timbered house, it is worthwhile to consider garden design at an early stage. Because a prefabricated house villa comes with the suitable garden and landscape design even better to the Geltung. It doesn't have to be a park, even small or large gardens, terraces and outdoor seating reinforce the charming effect of the house.

Together with garden and landscape architect Sarah Huf from GartenART, a HUF Group company, will turn your garden into a green living room. The floor-to-ceiling glazing, which is typical for every HUF house, makes the exterior space a natural extension of the living space. So if you not only want to relax in your city villa, but also enjoy the hours outdoors, HUF HAUS benefits from the integrated garden planning, which is discussed parallel to the house design.

Prefabricated villa - Prices

Villas that are prefabricated also score points in terms of pricing. Thanks to the fixed price guarantee and a precisely calculated budget, you know right from the start what costs you will incur. Together with the HUF HAUS financing service, individual financing concepts are developed that offer you long-term planning security.

The many years of experience of the experts in the financing team will help you find the best conditions and strategies for your dream home. For you as the client, this does not result in any additional costs.

A prefabricated townhouse can have many faces.

Since every modern half-timbered house at HUF HAUS is planned according to the wishes of the building owners, individual projects are created that bear the signature of their residents. A prefabricated villa can therefore have many faces: Whether simple, classic or cubic. There are no limits to creativity in the planning phase.

For the classic wooden skeleton, interpretation in Bauhaus style is particularly suitable: The result is modern city villas with a unique look made of wood and glass. If there is a building gap in the city, the planning of several storeys, which score through an optimal use of land, is a good option.

Those who have a large plot of land at their disposal benefit from particularly generous floor plans for their prefabricated villa. Oriel windows, roof terraces, outdoor seating or loggias complete the picture of the modern and light-flooded prefabricated villa.