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Did you know?

What is behind the terms low-energy house and efficient house?

In Germany in principle, the following applies: for new buildings, the amount of the subsidy is determined on the basis of the energy performance of the building standard. The following is a thought support: the more efficient a house, the higher the subsidy! Definitions such as low-energy, energy-saving houses or efficiency houses are on everyone's lips.

In Germany, when it comes to so-called financial promotion by the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW), we speak of KfW efficiency houses. In concrete terms, this means that if a house is more energy-efficient than prescribed by the current Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV), it is referred to as an efficiency house.

Energy efficient houses with great design

Energy efficient houses with great design

If you are faced with the decision to build an energy-saving house, it is best to start thinking early about secure financing and possible subsidies for your own home. What future builders don't have to worry about, however, is the sophisticated design of the house. A design without sacrificing large glass surfaces - because transparency and energy efficiency are typical characteristics of a HUF house made of timber and glass.

Our experienced architects will develop your dream house together with you; your wishes and requirements are always at the centre of the planning. Energy-efficient construction despite large glass surfaces is a matter of course for all HUF houses.

The energetic quality of the houses, implemented in a timeless architectural language, is therefore outstanding from the outset.

Those who build efficiently not only receive subsidies for their project, they also save money in the long term: heat losses are minimised by the specially thermally insulated exterior walls, the triple insulating glazing also ensures high efficiency with the best insulation values - also in the frame. Coupled with an environmentally friendly, resource-conserving heating system, additional costs are thus reduced in the long term.

HUF HAUS principally refrains from using fossil fuels. That is why we decided to use heat pump technology, even in the basic version. With the heat pump technology, a part of this energy can be collected and used economically as heat for heating or water heating. The most abundant and cleanest natural energy is solar energy stored in the ground, groundwater and air. With the use of intelligent heat pump technology, this energy is used effectively in your HUF house.

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