Build Your Flat Roof House

Exclusively designed living space with clear lines and structure is the first main characteristic of HUF HAUS Architecture, the second is reflected in the sophistication in design and in the uncompromising selection of quality materials.
These two main attributes combined create the ‘HUF Feeling’, an unrivalled living atmosphere that can only be experienced in a HUF HAUS home.

Did you know?

Spacious, sleek and cutting-edge design: The HUF HAUS Flat Roof Design comes as first choice to modern families wishing to combine living space with contemporary architectural style.

HUF HAUS design is of clear, striking linearity and pays homage to home grown Bauhaus style and German Modernism. Since the invention of the „Kaufhofhaus“ in 1960 the Flat Roof Design has been an architectural revolution and is exemplified in many HUF projects today.

In absence of angles and gradients the Flat Roof Design has potential to optimise and increase Family living space. The roof offers an excellent location for a private terrace or green area- further connecting the owner with the surrounding nature and benefits once more. 

Can a Flat Roof Home be built on your desired plot?

The HUF HAUS Flat Roof design is of no exception when it comes to obtaining permissions and approvals.

Our experienced HUF HAUS architects will clarify this fact by investigating the local plans and regulations and consult with the relevant authorities on your behalf.

Once permission has been granted you can get even more excited about the advantages of your very own Flat Roof Home:

HUF Flat Roof - Highlights

  • Maximized internal living space
  • Particularly flexible layout design without knee wall height restrictions
  • Roof terrace as an additional green outdoor living space option
  • Green roof - an increasingly popular alternative to traditional roof finish
  • Optional installation of perfectly positioned photovoltaic modules to further supply the Homes green energy.

From Green Roots to Green Roof

Natural, green roof systems can be commissioned as an alternative to slate. A green roof can also be implemented to a slightly sloped roof, as demonstrated by our new "Ausblick" show house in Hartenfels, Germany.

The ‘Green’ technology found in every HUF HAUS Dream Home provides excellent, efficient and sustainable living comfort. Environmentally friendly heating systems and heat pump technology, as standard, can be combined with a photovoltaic roof system to provide the Homes entire heat requirements and more. Potential surplus energy can power an electric car charger, for example.

HUF HAUS Architects and Building Technology Specialists will create a bespoke solution for your Home and your requirements.

Exclusive Roof Design

Even the contemporary Flat Roof design can be progressed in design. The blending of our Flat Roof with a sloped gable is a fusion we are most proud of as it allows for a greater impact of light and nature on the interior of the Home and living experience.

When designing any new Home parameters such as the location of the plot, the local design guides and the neighbouring houses will be taken into consideration. If there is the possibility to open the house up to the garden, for example, the sloped roof, which opens gently upwards, is an architecturally attractive experience for your Home as you can experience the surrounding environment more intensely.

Design houses from HUF HAUS in the media

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HUF House MODUM Bauhaus style