Barrier-free Building

Barrier-free constructions have gained considerably in importance in recent years. No wonder, because the stepless living concept is an attractive solution for building families all ages. The advantage of this construction method is that all people can enter and use their house without restrictions and without the requirements of outside help.

Did you know?

As a synonym for "barrier-free building", terms such as "building for all" or "age-appropriate living" have developed in the past, but ultimately mean the same thing: Freedom of movement without barriers in your own home.

This does not necessarily mean living on one level; with the help of elevators, multi-storey houses can also become barrier-free homes. If you build with HUF HAUS, the idea even goes one step further.

The transitions in the house are not only virtually threshold-free - the room concept captivates with openness and flowing transitions that reach all the way to the surrounding nature! View axes and views into the garden are just as unimpeded as the structural access to the outside.

What are the advantages of building for the elderly and people with limited mobility?

Threskless construction promises a whole range of advantages and is by no means just for or elderly people with limited mobility. Families with children also enjoy this form of living, which is usually built at ground level and has no stairs or obstructive thresholds. Should your dream house be realised in the form of a bungalow? Then you should already pay attention to an appropriate size when buying the property, since all rooms must be accommodated on one level, i.e. a larger area.

In this case that an elevator is available, barrier-free construction can also be implemented in the form of an extension to an existing house or even an apartment building.

The flexible HUF architecture also allows the subsequent installation of elevators in the house. If beverage crates, laundry baskets or prams are to be transported to another floor, everyone is grateful if there is an elevator. The same applies if, in old age or due to an accident, the stairs become an obstacle that can only be overcome with great difficulty.

A passenger elevator guarantees the necessary flexibility that every homeowner who wants to live independently in his own four walls into old age wants. In the modular concept of HUF houses, the elevator shaft can be seamlessly integrated, making the installation of the elevator quick and easy.

In HIRO LIFT, HUF HAUS has found a competent partner with many things in common. HIRO LIFT, as the leading manufacturer of special lifts in Germany, and HUF HAUS, as the market leader for modern timber-frame architecture in Europe, have deliberately chosen Germany as their production location and place the highest demands on the quality of their products.

How does a barrier-free house construction project begin with HUF HAUS?

If you decide on a barrier-free house from HUF HAUS, our services begin with a joint planning phase. Since we exclusively build individual architect houses anyway, an exact inspection of the property goes without saying. In this context, we also take into account the access to the property and the house and make sure that this can also be designed barrier-free without any problems.

The next step is planning. As a rule, barrier-free construction means building on one floor. It is important that unnecessary thresholds are avoided and that the movement areas are completely level. In addition, we are happy to plan the installation of handles and buttons at the appropriate height in close consultation with you and also take care of the installations in the kitchen and bathroom. The latter should also be accessible to people in wheelchairs and should not restrict their freedom of movement.

At first glance, barrier-free construction may only seem suitable for older people or people with limited mobility. However, many families are already planning their barrier-free home at a young age in order to avoid conversion at a later date. The rising demand for barrier-free living space is growing, so you can increase the value of your property in the long term.

If you opt for age-appropriate construction, we will be happy to provide you with the appropriate information material. This can be done on request by post or - quickly and easily - in the form of a PDF file, which you can download from us. We will also be happy to tell you about places where you can visit our examples of barrier-free construction. HUF houses are located throughout Europe and therefore certainly in your immediate vicinity.

In the HUF village in Hartenfels you can visit six houses, including a state-of-the-art bungalow. Alternatively, we would of course also be happy to talk to you personally or give you a call. If you are interested, please let us know and tell us what we can do for you in the area of barrier-free construction.

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